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Tis Monday again.

Was up late editing and slept in till almost ten am. Sounds good so far right? *nods* Unfortunately, this was as good as it got, as woke up to the sound of the toilet burbling. Went in to find the bathroom smelling like sewer gas and several inches of VERY nasty looking water in my bathtub. *headdesk*

Called management company and they promised to get the plumber out asap. In the meantime, no shower because, yeah, tub still has nasty smelling and nastier looking water in it. *le sigh* Also, by now was really feeling the need to, well, 'go'...but toilet was burbling and also full of nasty looking water, so, yeah, no 'going' would be happening in my apartment until after plumber has been there. So changed out of pj's into clothing more suitable for public places and scribbled quick note for plumber to get the key from manager. Realized that plumber may again need access to pipes under sink, so hurry-up-quick-like emptied out vanity (had already pulled rugs & scale, etc. from floor). Then clipped note for plumber to door and headed off to nearby restaurant for something to eat--and made beeline for the ladies' first thing. *grins*

Ordered and then called management to let them know that I wasn't home but left note. Was then informed that regular guy is out of town but they will find someone else asap. *more le sigh* Figured there was no hurry to get home to yucky smelling bathroom odors/mess, so hung out and had an extra Diet Coke or two while chatting with waitresses. Once lunch crowd began to wander in, I finally headed home to wait for plumber.


Waited some more. Began to plot untimely demise of persons responsible for the backup, so as not to completely waste my time.

Waited even more. Continued to plot untimely demise of said responsible persons, but realized there is major flaw in The Plan. Grrr. As it is likely certain little peoples are the ones responsible for sudden blockage, made appropriate adjustments to The Plan to reflect that it is parents of certain little peoples who are actually responsible, as they are not properly supervising said certain little peoples, which results in sudden blockages of sewer happening. *nods* Plotting was resumed with said adjustments in mind....

Finally, at 2:30-ish, there was phone call that plumber was on the way. By this time, I was rather feeling the need to go again, so manager said to use facilities in vacant apartment--whew! Plumber arrived a few minutes later and got to work. I told them how this had just happened at Christmastime and how that time they had started with small machine, then went to bigger machine, then went to even BIGGER machine before finally getting it unclogged. This guy decided he wasn't messing around and hauled in BIGGER machine right off. So furniture was moved to make way and The Big Boy was hauled in. Half an hour later, plumber announced we were good to go, packed it all up, and left. Notice the packed it all up and left part? Notice there was no cleaning up mentioned there? At all? *headdesk*

So now mess has all been tidied up, toilet has been cleaned, tub has been scrubbed out, bathmat has been disposed of, floor has been scrubbed, rugs are back on floor, and all the stuff from under the sink as been replaced--and all finished just in time for dinner, so this is good, yes?

Er, no. Because clean-up is all done, which is yay! However, grocery shopping, which was on agenda for this afternoon, did not happen...so there is nothing in the house to fix for dinner. So definitely NOT Yay! *even more le sigh*

So tis executive decision time--we are SO eating out tonight. Will hopefully be on chat later, but prolly not till late as groceries still need fetching and new bathmat will need to be acquired asap.

Did I mention that I really hate Mondays?!!!

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