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I've been really, really bad at updates lately, I know. Sorry! I've got just enough time for a quick update before dashing off to the family gathering this afternoon. I just have to pack the Advil bottle and grab the salad and dessert from the fridge.

But first...

Happy Easter to all my friends!!!!!

Now the update:

Writing wise, I've finished the final edits on Cutting the Gordian Knot and the editor has accepted them--wooohoooo!! I'll post a link to the zine information as soon as I get one. :D Other than that, I'm just trying to finish up my tagfic for Storm/Eye and find an idea with an actual plot for the [livejournal.com profile] rononficathon and get that started.

Family wise, ugh, sooooo much going on there. Some fantastic, some good, some okay, some not-so-great.

Topping the totally sucks-swampwater-list, granddaughter Elise has broken her arm again. This time it was the humerous (upperarm). Last fall, it was her thumb and required pins; this time it wasn't that bad--thank goodness!

Son has been off work for almost two weeks now trying to find a replacement vehicle and now fix-up the one he bought. He says it should be drivable after they put in the new water pump this afternoon, so I'm crossing fingers that he'll be going back to work tomorrow. I'm really, really, really looking forward to not having the television blasting away nearly 24/7 again.

And saving the best for last, my daughter has found out that she will be receiving an award from school on the 21st at a student foundation luncheon. She doesn't yet know what it is, but we're all very excited about it. :D

And now I must run. Off to the family gathering which will result in headache of major proportions. (Thirty people and weather too chilly for certain VERY-loud children to play outside, so yeah, definitely headache-time.)


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