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I haven't updated again for awhile, my bad. I (knocks on wood) seem to have finally kicked the stupid flu/cold/sinus thing that had me feeling crappy for close to a month. Blech! So last week I was finally able to start catching up on some stuff that had been left to slide for far too long.

This way to update and picspam-age! )
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Not me, but my daughter fell on the ice at a gas station and hit her head. Hard. There was a doctor there from Scott Airbase and he told her she needed to get checked out right away. Well, she doesn't have insurance of her own and has long ago passed the age where she can be covered under ours, so she didn't want to go. The owner of the station was out of the country and the guy he left in charge insisted it was her own fault. "You knew it was icy out there so you should have been more careful." Yeah, right.

Anyway, rather than have to go to court to fight the guy for medical expenses, she decided to wait and only go if it gets worse. (So far, she's doing okay, but I'm keeping a rather close eye on her.) I was going to stay home from Curves and just go tomorrow, but she insisted she'd be okay for an hour. And besides, she says, I wouldn't mind having a fountain Diet Coke from somewhere, but I don't feel like going after it myself. (*snort* Right, like I was going to let her get behind the wheel today...) So I go across the street to Sonic before heading off to Curves and the stupid drink holder tipped over on me. So I had to stop and clean up an entire 44oz soda from my passenger side floorboard before I could actually go workout. *sigh* Then R had to work late, so dinner was late, too.

All I can say now is thank goodness Monday is all but over with! Though the way things are going, the freezing rain they're predicting for tonight (yes, again, for the third night in a row) will finally materialize in a big way and leave us without power or something. *headdesk*

Okay, time to go check on the concuss-ee again.


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