How Rude!

Feb. 19th, 2008 12:18 am
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Earlier today, my daughters and I took the kidlets to lunch at McDonald's. The kidlets love going there because it's one of the few in the area that still has an indoor playground. Daughter#1 and I, along with kidlet#1 met daughter#2 and kidlet#2 at 1pm, hoping the worst of the lunch crowd would be gone.

Sadly, this was not the case and the place was still extremely crowded. (Mostly with a whole lot of other parents/grandparents with kids, as the weather was too cold for a trip to the park.) We got there before the other 2 and went inside to see what tables might be available. Kidlet was very upset about something, because as soon as we pulled up she started to cry. Not sobbing, but the tears were forming. She didn't want to tell us what, so we went inside and managed to get lucky, finding a table for 4 with another small 2-person table next to it that was empty right across from the registers. So Kidlet#1 and daughter#1 sat down at the small table and I took a seat at the bigger table. I was still trying to find out what was bothering the kiddo, so I was kind of turned sideways in my seat, but it was still plenty clear that I was sitting at the table.

Warning! Rant about rude people ahead! )
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Kidlet#1 is spending the long weekend, so instead of going back to her Dad's today, she gets to stay until tomorrow evening. This is good for both her and her mother, but not so much for my headache...

Anyway, the poor kidlet had a tough time today. First, she got up to find her largest goldfish, Hog, floating belly up. So after a proper funeral/flushing, she seemed to bounce back okay and we are off to buy some more fish tomorrow before she goes back to her Dad's.

Then came the next tragedy. R decided to kick back in the recliner and nap for a bit, only he forgot the cardinal rule when kidlets are around: *ALWAYS* check before sitting down! So he did not check and therefore he didn't notice what, or should I say who, was in the chair already...

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Really didn't make any kind of progress on the SGA fic last night. Was too tired to think straight, so did some revising and editing of previous scenes. Am much happier with them now. (or at least I was when I went to bed last night--might be a different story altogether this afternoon :-O )

On the granddaughter front, they were able to put two pins in her thumb and cast it without cutting her. As expected, "Daddy Doofus" was a royal PITA and drove my daughter batty, but the little tyke made it through the surgery just fine. Elise started calling him 'Daddy Doofus' when she was around 2-3yo--she picked it up from Nickelodeon on one of her weekend visits with him. We all found it quite amusing. DD...well, didn't. ::snickers::

Really, though, sometimes I do have to wonder who the real grown up is...

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I had a crappy weekend, but not nearly as crappy as my poor little granddaughter. She fell while riding her bike last Friday and broke the bone in her thumb virtually right at the lower joint at the base of her hand. She saw an orthopedic guy yesterday, but he didn't want to touch it due to her age and the location of the break. He's referred her to a specialist at Children's Hospital across the river in St. Louis and the appointment is today. Any good vibes and prayers for her would very much appreciated!!

Oh, and the real kicker? Poor kid had her sixth birthday on Sunday. Instead of the planned party involving lots of games (involving much running and screaming, LOL) and cake and ice cream in the park, she got to sit around indoors with a temporary cast on her hand and her arm in a sling. :(

What a Day!

Aug. 3rd, 2006 11:02 pm
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Today was my day to babysit my granddaughter while my daughter worked.  She's on the 11a-11p shift, so throwing in travel time each way and charting time, I end up watching her for more like fourteen hours--sometimes longer if the ER is busy.


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