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I'm officially in the winner's circle for NaNoWriMo this year--YAY!! So I now have all my nifty badges and am just about to print out my official certificate for this year. But then I thought, hey, why not share with my friends first? So I am and here is the official badge:

NaNo 08 Winner (lg)

No off to get some cleaning done and ponder the immediate fate of certain team who have been de-aged...

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Ahem, sorry. Got a bit excited there. :D But dang, I am SO flying high here!!

Here's the final widget-thingie post for this year:

My NaNoWriMo Progress

So I am now three for three at NaNoWriMo, but I only have *two* unfinished novels!!! *does more happy dancing*

Tomorrow I will get back to finishing the SGA kidlet-fic as I still have...*checks calendar* seven more days of November left! So more frantic writing will commence at various write-ins until I run out of story or month, whichever comes first, lol! And now, tis off to bed for me, as this will be one HECK of a busy week here. Hope you all have had a great weekend and will have an even better week ahead!!

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Okay, so I totally suck at updating, but I have been managing to keep the words flowing, despite the fact that RL was doing it's level best to knock me down. But I persevered and I have now crossed the 50k mark for the third consecutive year--yay!!

The unofficial total to date is 50011, though I still have a bit more story to tell. I think it will end up in the 55-60k range when all is said and done. After the holidays are past, I'll see about getting it edited a bit and uploaded to the comm that the lovely [livejournal.com profile] karri_kln1671 made for me so that I could do just that. :D

Anyway, here's the little widget-thingie:

My NaNoWriMo Progress

Now I am off to sleeeeeep and then it will be off to Starbucks tomorrow to see if I can finish this off once and for all--yay!!! :D

ETA: For those non-NaNo people who are sitting out there scratching your heads, the green part in the title comes from the color of the word count bar on the NaNo site. It's blue until you hit 50k, then it turns green until you get it officially verified, at which point it turns purple and sports a nifty "WINNER!" in the middle of it. That will happen sometime on Nov 25, which is the earliest you can submit things. :D

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So before I go face plant (and hopefully onto the bed because the floor is not good for face planting, trust me on that one *wink*), I had to share the good news for today.

I hit--and passed--the halfway mark!!! *does happy dance to end all happy dances* The word count is currently sitting at 28303--yay!

Here is my little dashboard widget-thingie to prove it:

My NaNoWriMo Progress

I managed to write 6252 words (or somewhere thereabouts--math is not my strong suit when I am this over-caffeinated and sleep-deprived, lol) today. I celebrated hitting the 25k barrier with a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks, btw. It was *heaven* in a cup, I tell ya! :D

So, enough rambling. Hope you all have a terrific start to your week and those of you who are feeling under the weather...FEEL BETTER FAST!!! *huggles all of flist to bits*

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So there has been much progress, but not much updating, lol.

Here's the scoop for anyone who's interested. )

Here's the nifty dashboard widget thingie:

My NaNoWriMo Progress

So yay--crossed the 20k barrier and am well on the way to meeting my personal goal of 25k by Sunday night. Hope y'all are all having a great weekend out there! :)

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I was planning to post links to the writing prompts from the No Plot? No Problem! kit but hadn't had the chance to go hunting for them till now. Unfortunately, I have discovered that I began with card #5 and some days I posted multiple prompts and others only the one. So to make it easier on myself for next year, I'm going to to post them all directly instead of linking. They will be in groups of seven which I intend to post once a week.
Here are the first seven: )

And there you have 'em, seven prompts for each day of the start of NaNoWriMo. Hope you find them helpful--no matter if you are struggling or not! :)

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I finally called it a night around 3am, but I did manage 2k before I stumbled off to discover where I left the bed yesterday morning. *grins* Had some family stuff going on, so I missed the election hoopla but I also didn't get to settle down to write until around 11pm. :P

So here's my nifty dashboard widget-thingie:
My NaNoWriMo Progress

I'm at 12061 right now, but there is a write-in at Starbucks tonight and I'm hopeful of breaking the 15000 word mark by the time I head home from there. Will need to make a pitstop at WallyWorld after the write-in, so I'm not sure I'll be home in time to catch anyone on YIM. Again. :(

Hope things are going well with all of you out there, too. Happy Wednesday!!

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I got off to a slow start today and never really recovered. My female character has now decided that she wants to be a Rodney McKay wanna-be (attitude-wise, that is) and I have pretty much decided to let her, lol. I don't have the time or energy to fight her so I'm not going to.

My worst day word count-wise yet, but still I'm over 10k words at this point so I am not going to complain, lol. Other than some sinus-allergy crap going on, I really don't have much of a reason as to why I didn't meet my goal. Maybe the muse is just running out of steam already, lol. So I fell short of the 3300 words I'd planned, but was still well over the daily minimum of 1667 for a Nov 30th finish.

So here's the word count widget-dealie:

My NaNoWriMo Progress

(And YAY!! My little dashboard-thingie is working now!! *does happy dance*)

Hope you're all having a great week so far!

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So. Day 2 is now behind me. Things did not exactly go according to plan, but I managed a fairly respectable word count anyway. So there. *sticks tongue out at Fate like 2-yr-old*

The plan: hit the write-in at Starbucks this afternoon and get or exceed my word count target for today, have dinner with R & Kidlet #1, take said Kidlet back to her father's (a half hour drive each way), and then come home in plenty of time to hang out on YIM and chat with peoples, and MAYBE work on finishing up an SGA pinch-hit ficathon story. (Think Team Sheppard as kids wreaking all sorts of havoc on the adults--seriously WAY too much fun!!!)

The reality: unexpected company, a fall foliage photo-op field trip for R so babysitting Kidlet #1 falls to me, and only an hour at Starbucks in the afternoon with aforementioned Kidlet in tow because, you know, babysitting.*headdesk* By the time R wandered into Starbucks around 4:30, I had managed a whopping 400 words. (No, there are no zeros missing there. *cries*) R then, of course, proceeded to fill me in on all the details of the photo-taking field trip so by the time 5pm rolled around and it was time to leave for dinner, no more writing was accomplished. *mumble-grumble* So went and had dinner, drove the kidlet home, dropped R off at our place, then headed BACK to Starbucks at 8pm for a serious word count session. Left at 11pm when they closed with a total count of 8016 words for the weekend. Not bad, especially considering how little I'd managed before that last session at Starbucks!

Here's the official little widget-thingie:

So, now to buzz through my flist and email before hitting the hay for tonight. I'm hoping to manage at least 3300 words a day, which would put me in the winner's circle by mid-month. R is taking vacation the week of Thanksgiving and there are some things we really need to get done during that time off. This, of course, means there won't be much time for writing, so I need to get my 50k in before that week starts. I just hope I can keep up the current pace, lol.

Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend!

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Yes, I am aware that I have not posted here in ages. Way too much going on with RL to get into at the moment and I'll try to post something on that front soon. But it's November now, which means it's all about the words, lol. I will be attempting to post daily updates for NaNo all month, so wish me luck! *grins* I'm also hoping to find the time to dig out links to the writing tips I posted my first year, so look for those soon as well. Also, for the first time ever, I'm also going to attempt to post my story as I go to an LJ comm that the lovely and talented [livejournal.com profile] karri_kln1671 made for me. The link to that will posted here once I have actually posted the first part of the story *there*, which will happen as soon as I'm finished working on it, lol, hopefully tomorrow. :)

Anyway, I'm off to a great start. The words are flowing much better than last year, so I'm hopeful that this trend will continue and I'll be finished early. *crosses fingers*

Here is the graph for Day One:

(And just in case the NaNo site is down again, the total for my first day was 5,149 words. WooHooo!!)

So now it's time to stumble off and enjoy that extra hour of sleep that they were so thoughtful to give us. :D Hope you're all having a terrific weekend, whether you are NaNo-ing or doing something else!!

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I've so busy procrastinating working on my NaNo novel that I forgot to do the prompts. Ooops.

So without further ado, here they be:

The Gold Mine of Failure--Day 22 begins by pointing out that 3M's Post-It Notes began as a dismal failure. It took them four years to realize that the weak glue wasn't the problem; their preconceived expectations were. The card encourages you to remember 3M's "sticky situation" when your book becomes something different than what you had originally planned it to be.

Limen-Aid--Day 23's card tells the story of how "an anthropologist named Victor Turner added a new wrinkle to the discipline's canon in the 1950's when he wrote about the importance of something called limen." Limen is roughly translated as "threshold" and refers to those times when we are between two life phases. In these times when we are neither in one nor the other, such as adolescence, he wrote that energy and disorder levels run high. It tells you that you, the novelist, are now in a period of limen. It recommends that you "heighten the energetic state" by going on a writing field trip to a place where people are temporarily in "that fascinating state between departure and arrival," such as a hotel lobby, a bus depot, or an airport.

Pressure Cooking--Day 24 begins by claiming that procrastination gets a bad rap. It goes on to say that to take a project from start to finish, we need that sense of urgency and pressure that procrastination provides. It will feel dysfunctional when in the midst of those frantic all-nighters, but Baty sees it as a "functional way to minimize toil and maximize output. He goes on to say that if you've allowed yourself to fall behind on your novel, "you're just allowing the pressure to build, waiting for that do-or-die moment to arrive before you throw yourself into the book with everything you've got." There is one further note for all the procrastinators: "That moment starts today."

Set-Asides--Day 25 explains how archaeologists leave a portion of their excavation sites untouched for future generations, who might be able to learn more using new technologies that are not currently available. As you get deeper into your novel, you might discover that you have more good characters, ideas, and scenes than will fit into your current story. If so, make notes of them and then go back to explore later in future works.

A Little Ambiguity--Day 26 starts by reminding us that readers can have wildly different interpretations of the exact same passage in a story. Discussions can become especially fiery when an writer leaves a little ambiguity: did the main characters end up together or apart? "Or eaten by rampaging zombies?" As you head into your story's final pages, don't be afraid to "leave a little ambiguity" in it. Doing so means less work for you and gives your readers the "toothy satisfaction" of fitting those pieces together in their own way.

I'll try to be better about posting the final cards on their correct days. :D Until next time, happy writing and good luck with finishing to all still working toward their prize!

And as always, the cards and the kit can be found here:
No Plot? No Problem! The Kit!

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Not as much as the past few days by a long shot, but still some progress.

And considering the fact that I spent a good part of the day napping off and on, I'm happy with my results for today. ::grins

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 2015 on 11/20 (52063 total so far)
Progress: several scenes with the three main characters

I'm going to try to get some more prompts up later today. But now I'm tired and I think I've earned the right to go to bed before 5am. ::giggles::

My NaNoWriMo Progress

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I did it!! ::does the happy dance to beat the mother of all happy dances:: Took me all darn night, but I have officially hit the 50k word mark!!! As in, verified by the NaNo website and everything. WOW!! I swear, I am totally in a state of shock here. ::grins::

Here are the numbers and such:

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 4984 words on 11/19 (50048 total so far)
Progress: Um, well, let's see. I almost drowned the hero and his sidekick; had their guide believing they were dead, rescued the hero and sidekick from the river they almost drowned in, and a bunch of other stuff besides which I can't seem to remember at the moment because my brain has now totally turned to M. U. S. H. ::giggles::

Um, I think I may have officially lost it now from winning NaNoWriMo... ::giggles::

Of course, I do have to finish the dang story yet before I totally win it.

Unfortunately, that's going to have to wait until later after I get some sleep!


My NaNoWriMo Progress

Damn, but that sure do look pretty!! ::points to meter above::

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I'm totally wiped, but I almost made it to 45k last night. Darn, so close! But if all goes well at the write-in later, I just might be able to hit the 50k mark by end of the day Monday. We'll see.

Here are the details:

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 4011 on 11/18 (44587 total so far)
Progress: finished all the dares from the ML's challenge. Two confrontations with the bad guys. Whumped the heroine. Kind of whumped the hero a little, too. ::grins::

Oh. My. God. I just realized that I am now only 5500 words from 50k. Yesterday I was almost twice that. It's just so completely unreal. Or maybe I just need to actually close my eyes and sleep for awhile... ::giggles::

My NaNoWriMo Progress

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Took me most of the night, but I did it!! I passed the 40k mark--woooohooooo!!!! Less than 10k to go now. This is just so totally unreal...

::huge, honkin' happy dance::

Here are the stats:

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 3481 on 11/17 (40576 total so far)
Progress: met four of the ten challenges on the ML's Dare List without totally wandering off topic. Much. ::giggles::

Now I'm going to bed, despite the urge to sit and stare at the counter meters. ::grins::

My NaNoWriMo Progress

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I've been keeping up the 2k or more per day pace, but some RL intrusions didn't leave me time for updates here or prompts. Great news, tho--I've passed the 35k mark!! ::does the happy dance::

Here are the current stats:

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 6891 words on 11/14-11/16 (37095 total so far)
Progress: Um, I think I'm just going to borrow a page out of [livejournal.com profile] sgcgategirl's book and simply say "Lots" here. ;)

Now I'm going to get Hubs off to work and hit the sack. JF movie is now recording, so I'll have something good to watch when I get up--yay!! ::grins::

Oh, and I'll try to get caught up on posting the prompts and flist comments, too. But now? Need much sleep. Too much blood in my caffeine stream. :(

My NaNoWriMo Progress

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Wooohooo!! ::does the happy dance again:: I made it to thirty thousand!!!
::points to counter:: I am soooo happy right now!!

Here are the details:

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 2165 on 11/13 (30204 total)
Progress: Got them on the road and through the second attack by the bad guys

Now I'm going to hit the advil bottle one more time after I take the poor dog out and then hit the hay. Hopefully, the front will push through early and I'll feel more like writing tomorrow--without forcing myself the entire time. :S

My NaNoWriMo Progress

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The Write-in tonight was a blast! We really have such a great group of writers. We range in age from a 16 yr. old to several of us pushing hard at the big 5-0, but every single one is supportive and willing to help in whatever way possible. We only did one word war for 30 minutes, but I still managed to get over 1400 words written--despite participating in a lot of silliness, plotting problems (others, not mine for a change, lol), zombie discussions (you had to be there, I think), sharing of chocolate, and, of course, coffee drinking.

So anyway, here is the report for yesterday:

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 3015 on 11/12 (28039 total so far)
Progress: reunited the main characters and finished their new plan for reaching Annwn.

::deep breath:: Whew! I'm just over 28000, so that means I should be able to break the 30000 word barrier by end of day tomorrow. I'm still having a great deal of trouble wrapping my brain around these numbers...

My NaNoWriMo Progress

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::does the happy dance till she drops, then gets up and does it some more::

I did it, I'm there, I really, really, really did it!!! I hit the halfway mark!!
::points to counter:: See?

I am so freakin' stoked!! I really am going to be able to do this. I'm going to finish and win. WOW!! Anyway, here's the report for today:

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 2720 words on 11/11 (25031 total words so far...YES!!!)
Progress: The first near-encounter with the bad guys, plus the hero meets the girl scene (which turned out really, really crappy, but will wait to fix it until Dec, LOL)

I'm now going to go try to get some sleep. I'm so freakin' tired it's ridiculous, but I'm so excited I'm not sure I will be able to fall asleep! ::giggles::

My NaNoWriMo Progress

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Not quite half of the 5000 that I needed, but close so I'll take it. ::grins::

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 2129 on 11/10 (22311 total so far)
Progress: a number of scenes needed to set up the first encounter with the bad guys

I kept getting distracted (gee, can't imagine why... ::grins at [livejournal.com profile] alasse_fae::) and had a very difficult time getting into it tonight. Even after a couple of goes in the Word Wars forum, I still struggled with it. But I'm only 2700 or so away from the 25000, so hopefully will have that by tonight. ::fingers crossed::

Now I'm totally zombie-fied and going to sleep for awhile. :)

My NaNoWriMo Progress

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After finishing three loads of laundry and neglecting all the other household chores, I'm so darn tired I can hardly keep my eyes open--but I did it! Woohoooo!! I'm now sitting at the 20k mark.

Wow. It's almost surreal. I just keep sitting here thinking to myself, 'I have now written over 20000 words in ten days. Twenty. Thousand. Words.

My mind is just boggled. I can't even imagine what 50000 will feel like. Anyway, here's the report:

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 2150 on 11/9 (20182 total so far)
Progress: Brady, Eth, & Pudge's arrival at the inn, plus meeting with Eth's friend and dinner scene

And on that note, I'm going to bed. My apologies for not posting the writing prompts as planned. I wasn't able to get on the computer as early as I'd hoped and forgot them later. I'll try to get one up tomorrow if things go better. :)

My NaNoWriMo Progress

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I got a good deal accomplished at the Write-In and then added more when I got home. I finally managed to make my goal of 3k yesterday--hot dang! ::grins:: Here are the totals:

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 3164 words on 11/8; 1005 so far on 11/9 (18032 total words so far)
Progress: a number of scenes that got them to the next stop, including a snake attack...ewwwww!

I got too busy yesterday afternoon to do the writing prompt, but will do two of them later today to make up for it. :) But now I'm whooped and hitting the sack.

My NaNoWriMo Progress

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::does happy dance:: I hit the 15k mark--wooohoooo!! :D

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 2049 on 11/7 (15912 total so far)
Progress: a number of scenes that moved them closer to their next destination

I'm really excited about hitting the 15k mark in word count! And with the write-in tonight, I'm feeling quite optimistic about hitting 20k by the weekend. I'm still so loving this method of no editing until the first draft is finished. My output is more total crap than not, but that can and will be fixed during the editing/rewriting. It's been much easier than I expected to ignore urge to dive in and start fixing it already--whew!

My NaNoWriMo Progress

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Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 2063 on 11/6 (13863 total so far)
Progress: big confrontation between Brady and Eth, Brady made a furry little friend...

I'm still not making my personal goal of 3k, but am at least managing the 2k that NaNo recommends. So all in all, I guess I'm happy. I'm trying not to reread stuff yet, but well...


Man, this puppy is going to need SO freakin' much work when November is over. I know I have to put that out of my head for now--I need to just concentrate on the numbers. So on a much more positive note, I'm on track to hit the 15k mark tomorrow--yay!!

My NaNoWriMo Progress

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So I bought this writing kit compiled by the founder of NaNoWriMo on the last day of October. It's supposed to have all of the things you need to keep you going and be successful at writing a 50k word novel in one month. Inside the kit there is a set of cards containing writing prompts, one for each day of the month. Some have been helpful, some not so much, but they have all been quite interesting. As such, I've decided I'm going to try to share those prompts here, one each day, for any of my fellow writers out there. Even if you're not doing NaNoWriMo, you might find something that can help you through a block, right?

So here is the one for today in a nutshell (#5 in the set for week 1):

Borrow Mercilessly--Before you start writing, read the first few pages of a novel by an author whose voice you've always loved. Pick out the techniques that the writer uses to create the mood that you find so appealing. Borrow those methods and use them throughout today's writing session.

Any takers? :)

The card and the kit that it comes in can be found here:
No Plot? No Problem! The Kit!

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Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 2520 on 11/5 (11,800 total so far)
Progress: Finished farewell scene and started them on the next phase of the journey

I did it!! I made it over the 10k hump! ::does happy, happy dance::

On a side note, I did not get as much accomplished as I'd hoped--especially not at the write-in. I was interrupted on a number of occasions by another writer directly across from me. And while I don't mind helping someone if they need it, a good number of times she was interrupting to just chat or share things she'd found in her newspaper. While a little of that is fine, it really became intrusive and kept me from hitting my goal. I mean, I'm thrilled that she's excited about her novel and the last thing I'd ever want is to dampen her spirits--but I have a story to finish too, you know?

Though disappointed when I left, I chose not to allow it to get to me and worked twice as hard when I got home with the intention of at least reaching the 10k mark. I ended up with even more than that, though not quite the 3k I was shooting for. So all in all, things are going well and I learned a very important lesson:

Do NOT forget to take the headphones to the next write-in! LOL!!

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Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 2009 on 11/4 (9280 total so far)
Progress: Finished a number of scenes, one in progress. Almost have Brady and Eth ready to set off on the next phase of their trip.

I missed my personal goal of 3k again, but with everything going on around here today, I am again just grateful to have achieved the 2k that Chris Baty recommends. Plus, I should hit the 10k mark tonight at the group write-in at Borders. I'm so excited!! :)

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Since LiveJournal was down when I decided to call it a night, I'm posting this late. I was short of my personal goal of 3k words, but managed CB's recommended 2k. It waaaaay more than I thought I'd end up with considering how the day went though, so I'm happy. :)

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 2055 on 11/3 (7271 total so far)
Progress: finished several scenes, started another

I'm finding it very liberating to just write and not worry about the editing. Okay, so I will admit to having tinkered with a few sentences here and there--but nothing major. The words seem to flow much better for me this way. I don't think I ever realized before how much or how quickly the writing bogs down when I edit as I go.

Now I'm going to go take a nap before I hit it again. ::grins::

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Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 2005 total on 11/2 (5216 total so far)
Progress: several scenes at the Inn finished, one almost finished

I didn't get quite as much done as I'd hoped, due to having to finish laundry that I couldn't get done when the power was out the other day. Then the management co called and wanted me to email the pictures instead of having prints made. (AT&T is still trying to deny responsibility.) Can I just take a moment here to mention that I'm beginning to really hate AT&T? Not only is their employee responsible for the entire mess, I lost an entire afternoon trying to get the stupid pictures to send without timing out on *their* server--grrr!!

So one more load of laundry to finish tomorrow, but the electrician is supposed to be coming back which means there might be more distractions and loss of power while he attempts to discover why the bedroom lights are still flickering and fix it.

::crosses fingers hopefully for good results::

To all my other NaNo friends out there: Go guys go--write write write!!!! :)

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Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 1035 words on 11/2 (4246 words total so far)
Progress: finished scene with Brady & Eth at the inn

Whew! I'm totally wiped and heading to bed now--happy writing to the rest of you NaNo-ers--go guys go!! :)

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We had our first local WriMo group Write-in tonight at Borders. I really wasn't at all certain if I would be able to write in a group, let alone in the middle of a busy store like Borders. But you know what? It was great!! It was fun to write with the group and the noise in the store didn't bother me at all. We had a challenge to see who could write the most words in 30 minutes--I didn't win, LOL, but we still had fun--and I made it over the 3000 word mark--yay!!

So here are my final totals for Nov 1:
Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 1979 from earlier this am, plus 1232 from the Write-In for a grand total of 3211 words for the day--woohoo!! ::grins::
Progress: Finished second scene, almost finished with third scene.

Now I'm going to go reward myself with something to eat since I missed dinner (or does chocolate count??? ::giggles::) before I get back to business. :)

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And we're off!! I was hoping to hit 2000 words, but fell just a bit short. Still, I think it's a good start and I'm very pleased with my progress. :) Here are the vitals:

Title: The Gates of Annwn
Words Written: 1979 words on 11/1 (1979 words total so far)
Progress: finished opening scene plus the one following it

Now it's off to bed for me so I can wake up and start again! ::grins::

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I should have spent at least some time writing today, but decided I really needed to do some cleaning instead. The Big Day is drawing so close and I really want to have as few distractions as possible for the rest of the week so I can concentrate on getting a really good start on the novel. I've still got a number of things to get finished tomorrow, including laundry, dishes, vaccuuming, and general tidying up.

I swear, I am now more excited than ever! I went to a local "Meet & Greet" of NaNo-ers at a nearby Borders this evening and I am totally psyched to do this. It seems to be a really fun group and I am really looking forward to trying the bi-weekly "Write-ins" that are scheduled. I've always written later at night when it's quieter in the past, so we'll see if it's too distracting for me to write with the group or not. The Municipal Liasons are just awesomely fantastic--perfect folks for the job! Very, very supportive and just willing to do anything within their power to help us succeed.

And hey, I wasn't nearly the only 'virgin' there either--yay! The MLs seemed a little surprised at the number of people who showed up. (Apparently someone posted on the NaNo forum that she got all her little goodies ready, arrived at the announced gathering site early, and waited for the writers to show...but no one ever did.) I think we had at least 20-25 people by the time it was over. There were a couple of people who are on their fourth year participating--wow! There were also a fair number who were back for a second year. Some were successful in the past and some weren't, but they were all back to try it again. And I know it hasn't even started yet, but you know what? I can already so see me making this an annual event, too!

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My novel's title is going to be "The Gates of Annwn" and will be more fantasy than sci-fi. (No dragons, wizards, magic, or superpowers, tho.) The setting will have a distinctly ancient Ireland/ancient Scotland type feel to it. The names of the characters and locations will be very Celtic/Irish/Scottish in nature. The story summary is behind the cut here. )

That's all I'm going to say about it for now. :)


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