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Feb. 19th, 2008 12:18 am
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Earlier today, my daughters and I took the kidlets to lunch at McDonald's. The kidlets love going there because it's one of the few in the area that still has an indoor playground. Daughter#1 and I, along with kidlet#1 met daughter#2 and kidlet#2 at 1pm, hoping the worst of the lunch crowd would be gone.

Sadly, this was not the case and the place was still extremely crowded. (Mostly with a whole lot of other parents/grandparents with kids, as the weather was too cold for a trip to the park.) We got there before the other 2 and went inside to see what tables might be available. Kidlet was very upset about something, because as soon as we pulled up she started to cry. Not sobbing, but the tears were forming. She didn't want to tell us what, so we went inside and managed to get lucky, finding a table for 4 with another small 2-person table next to it that was empty right across from the registers. So Kidlet#1 and daughter#1 sat down at the small table and I took a seat at the bigger table. I was still trying to find out what was bothering the kiddo, so I was kind of turned sideways in my seat, but it was still plenty clear that I was sitting at the table.

Warning! Rant about rude people ahead! )
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Grabbed the mail on my way out to see The Back-Cracker this afternoon and find there is a letter from my bank. I recieved my new checks a couple of weeks ago and did a quick perusal of the details. I didn't notice anything wrong, so I used one for the power bill and one for the rent. Which brings me to today's letter. Apparently I didn't notice that there was an error in the account number. GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

I specifically ordered the new checks early enough so I'd have them before next week when I leave for Media West Con. I ran back inside and called the check printers, only to be told the person I needed to speak with was in a meeting. Call back in an hour, she says. I can't, I have an appointment myself in twenty minutes, I say. Oh, no problem, she says. Can you call when you get home? We're here until 10:30pm Mountain time. Fine, I agree and go off to get the back cracked. Hit the grocery store and get home about 2 hrs after I first called. Dial the number and tell the woman (different that the first one) that they got my account number wrong when checks were printed. Oh, dear, she says. They're not here anymore--went home for the day. That particular department closes at 3pm every day and it's now 3:30. Now wtf didn't the first woman tell me this? I could have come home and called before heading to the store or hurried through the store faster and called before putting all the groceries away. But no, she tells me the wrong time and now I have to call back again tomorrow--arrrrrgh!! I am NOT happy with them AT ALL!

So yeah, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! to the entire lot of them. :P


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