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I so needed my very own, personal Satedan butt-kicker this weekend. As if the threat of ice all weekend wasn't bad enough, my husband's eBay account was hacked Saturday. What fun...NOT. This--I hesitate to use the term "person" here--jerk managed to list almost 50 expensive items for sale before he was noticed. Hubby found him when he logged on to check email and got a slew of listing notices for things he hadn't listed. So he logged into eBay and immediately changed his password. Without going into all the gory details, his account was temporarily suspended (which he understood, but was understandably upset about) and the listings removed. Had we not contacted them, he would have been charged well over a hundred dollars in listing fees. NOT cool! Anyway, after many emails and phone calls to verify identities, by this evening the fees had been credited (though he still thinks the balance is higher than it should be) and he can resume normal account activities. Only he's now lost the entire weekend, during which he'd finally planned to go through all the stuff he's bought to sell--something I've been after him to do for months now. So all of his boxes and bags of stuff are still sitting around and cluttering up my bedroom and closet.


To add to the frustration, I delayed taking the Christmas tree down, as I didn't want all those boxes sitting around to stumble over if the power went out. And until the tree is down, I can't get to the decorations on the shelves behind it. Then my daughter came down with the bug that's going around, and of course my granddaughter was here for the weekend. Then hubs decided Saturday evening that he wanted to replace the crappy mouse for the desktop, so we had to take the little tyke along with us. And while she was very well behaved, it wasn't so much fun dragging all the stuffed animals, Pixter, and various other items she insisted on having along in the rain. (Bottom line: she really wanted to stay with mom, who was really, really sick by then and needed to rest.) And we'd already been out the night before shopping for groceries and other emergency supplies in the rain, so I really wasn't eager to repeat the experience again the next day.

But hubs has his new mouse/keyboard combo, daughter has the good drugs and is feeling better already, and the ice stayed on the other side of the river. So frustration factors aside, it really could have been so much worse. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend--and a safe, dry, and warm week ahead!!

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...it's probably because we've lost power/phone service due to another ice storm that's hitting our area. The weather-people are saying this one could be even worse than the one that pretty much crippled the entire area early last month. ::sighs::

And we've already had a two-hour power outtage this evening when some idiot decided to try to prove that partying and driving in bad weather mix just fine. ::rolls eyes:: Needless to say, he did not succeed and will be speaking with his insurance company, the judge, and his lawyer (not necessarily in that order) at the earliest opportunity...

It's already starting to build up out there, so any prayers/good thoughts/good vibes/crossing of fingers for us would be awesome and muchly appreciated. :)

I'm off to bed now--hope you all stay safe, warm, and dry out there!

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Whew, what a day! We were the only block to have power in the entire city for awhile this morning, so a huge thank you to all who sent good vibes, prayers, etc.--they really worked! :D As of this evening's news, seventy percent of the city is still without power. Temps are supposed to drop into the single digits tonight, so those folks can really use some of those prayers and good vibes you all do so well, if you wouldn't mind. :)

Now on to the picspam-age! )
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Since it's going to be freakin' miracle if we keep power through the night, I thought I'd go ahead and post a few pics that hubby took around 11pm. It's very eerie out there. The wind has really kicked up and you can hear the ice cracking as the things it's coating move. Then there is the odd popping noises here and there as transformers blow. Our lights are doing quite the dance tonight, so we'll see how long they last. Tree limbs are also breaking under the weight of the ice, falling on power lines and causing yet another problem for the poor repair crews. I think we've got over two inches of ice now. It's supposed to change over to snow in an hour or so. Not sure if that's a good thing or not...

On to the picspam! )

Will try to get better pics in the daylight tomorrow. Though if the power lasts that long, It seriously will be a miracle. So if I don't get them up by tomorrow night, you'll know why.


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