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Sorry this is later than I'd wanted it to be. Got side-tracked by stuff and now Hubs wants to go shopping. And since we still haven't had dinner, we're eating out. Again. ::grins::

Here is today's prompt:

Keep the Faith--This card begins by sharing the fact that novelist Amy Bender keeps her writing desk surrounded by a dozen synonyms for the word "faith." She does this to remind herself that no matter how confusing her story might seem at the moment, its point will eventually become clear; it always does. It then goes on to challenge you to make and post a sign that will help *you* remember that everything will work out great in the end.

BTW, for anyone interested, these are coming from No Plot? No Problem! The Kit!. It's also available at major bookstores. I know that if you purchase from them directly the proceeds are split 50/50, going toward helping run the NaNoWriMo website and building children's libraries in Viet Nam; not sure if that's the case if you buy from the bookstores.

Now I'm dashing out for a bit to eat and some shopping. Then I'm going to come home and get my 2000+ words for the day so I can reward myself with watching Thought Crimes later. (Thanks HUGELY much, [livejournal.com profile] theyllek!!)
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A Lesson From the Deep--This card begins by explaining how baby killer whales don't sleep at all during their first month of life. (According to the info provided, scientists theorize that this is to keep the babies from freezing to death until they develop the needed layers of blubber to prevent this from happening.) "As you head through the ides of your novel month", the card then challenges you to take inspiration from these babies and know that you're developing the tools ("the kind of thickened skin and world-wise writing experience") that you will be using for the rest of your writing life. "Even if it just feels sometimes like you're swimming in circles."

The card and the kit that it comes in can be found here:
No Plot? No Problem! The Kit!

Now I'm going to go find some tylenol and lay down again. Hopefully this headache will subside enough to allow me to put some serious word count up by day's end. :)

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This one seems to have been made just for me. For it to come today, of all days, is really kind of freaky. (I'll explain after the prompt.)

Prompt for the day:
Onward!--This card tells the story of a famous mountain climber, Joe Simpson. He's famous because of a horrendous experience he had during a climb in 1985. Joe shattered his leg on a snowy, stormy, descent. He fell hundreds of feet and landed on ledge overlooking the maw of an ice crevase. Remaining on the ledge didn't seem to be a good choice, but the only place he could go was down into the crevasse; getting back out would be impossible. His thought at that point: "You gotta keep making decisions. Even if they're wrong decisions. If you don't make decisions, you're stuffed." It goes on to say that Simpson made it off that mountain with all of his limbs intact, and that we should "take his good advice to heart" during this whole week. "Resist the impulse to sit back and ponder. Keep moving forward."

Those last two sentences are what really hit home for me. I was doing exactly this after hitting that halfway point last night. An idea hit me while I was in the shower for my MC's future, which would be another novel. But then I kept thinking about this all afternoon, how this developement might affect my character now, instead of sitting down to write again. It was kind of spooky that this card came up at exactly this time.

The card and the kit that it comes in can be found here:
No Plot? No Problem! The Kit!

Anyway, I'm getting ready to pack up and head out to the Write-In for tonight. To anyone else who is doing NaNo and reading this, go go go go GO! I need some company in the halfway club, so I challenge you to match my progress--it's lonely here. :(

Happy writing!!


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I meant to get this out earlier, but it's kind of been one of those days. The electrician was here again for the better part of the afternoon. ::crosses fingers:: Hopefully the power issues have now been fixed and there will be no more exploding hair appliance cords...

So without further delay, here is today's prompt:

Go Wild--The card begins by giving some pretty astounding facts about a public figure in the US. It then goes on to say that should you begin to have concerns regarding the believability of your characters (and the card seems to assume that everyone will), you should remember the story about the PF. Don't forget that real life stories can be far stranger than any fiction. So embrace the absurd and stretch the bounds of believability--that's life!

The card and the kit that it comes in can be found here:
No Plot? No Problem! The Kit!


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