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As if things were crazy enough around here with company coming for several days Christmas and playing taxi driver for the son whose car is toast, my daughter's car was stolen last night! So after the police reports and all were filed, a friend gave her a ride back home from the bar where her friend was playing DJ for the night. We only found out this morning when she asked for a ride to work, at which point she told me she also needed another key to the apt. Apparently, the thief filched her keys from her purse, including her key to the apt. So yay, now we have to have locks changed as well. They recovered the car a mile and a half north of the town where it was stolen. One of the front tires was blown after hitting the curb where the thief abandoned it. (The keys were still in it, thank goodness, but I'm still having the locks changed. I may not have much, but what I do have I'd like to keep thankyouverymuch!) They think they know who took it, but will have to wait for it to be dusted for prints and processed before she gets it back. Then there is the matter of the bill for the towing company to deal with, along with replacing the tire when she eventually gets it back--just what she needed to do there, shell out all the extra $$ right at Christmas! *fumes*

The cops think they know who did it and asked if she wanted to prosecute. She said yes, to the fullest extent of the law, as she thinks she knows who did it also. Seems she gave a casual acquaintance a ride to the bar and the freakin' moron got completely and totally plastered (i.e. drunk for those unfamiliar with the slang), then started a fight and got himself kicked out of the bar. She told him she wasn't ready to leave yet and since he started trouble when she specifically told him not to do that, he could just walk to the gas station up the road a short distance and catch a ride from there. Apparently the cops picked him up for being drunk about ten minutes after he'd left the bar, but he was much further away than he should have been able to walk in that amount of time. So they're pretty sure he did it, which should (hopefully!) be confirmed by the fingerprints. So we'll have to wait and see on that, I guess. Still, it's gonna make things interesting this week if I have to be taking her to work as well as get everything else on my list accomplished. I've still got a ton of baking to do (haven't even started on the massive amount of cookies I bake every year yet *sigh*) along with the usual chores. Oh, and sometime before Wednesday night, I need to wrap presents. :P

On the plus side, most of the cleaning is done. This morning started with a trip to Best Buy for R to exchange the laptop that he bought a week or two back because he found a better model at a comparative price that included a better printer than the one he bought a couple of weeks ago. (The one he took back? This would be the same one he bought after returning the one he picked up at WalMart on Black Friday because it was a better machine at a comparable price, plus it included an antivirus package and an all-in-one Epson printer, which the one from WallyWorld did not have. *headdesk*) Then it was on to Starbucks for a Peppermint Mocha Twist and an apple-bran muffin, as I had not had breakfast yet. Then stopped at the store to rent the machine and came home to clean the carpets. Once that was done, also made a trip to the grocery store to pick up the fixin's for the soup we'll be having on Christmas Eve, plus some stuff to fix for dinner tomorrow and Tues. We need to go over a couple of the more high-traffic areas before we return the carpet cleaner tomorrow, but that shouldn't take long. So that pretty much leaves the baking, wrapping presents, and laundry on the must-do before Christmas list. Ugh.

I know I haven't been around or on chat much lately and as much as I'd love to change that, it probably won't be happening until after Christmas at the earliest. :( Miss chatting with all of you guys and look forward to being back on YIM on a nightly basis. *hugs* Hope things have been going much more smoothly for all of you! :)


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