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Wooooohoooooo!! IdiditIdiditIdiditIdidit!!! *does the happy dance of bliss*

Yup, I officially (as in validated by NaNo and everything!) hit the 50k mark a little while ago. The story isn't quite finished yet, but it is close. So I'll still be going to the write-ins this week because I really want to finish the story this time around. :D

So here's my nifty winner's badge:

And here's the official counter with all of my 50116 words on it. Maybe. If it finally decides to update someday. *g*

Now I'm going to go sleep for awhile and try to convince myself that I am not allowed to celebrate toooooo much until the blasted story is actually completely finished. *headdesk* LOL!

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Oy, these past few days have been INSANE! R on vacation + Thanksgiving holidays + Christmas shopping + NaNo = NO online playtime for Kat. *pouts* Can you believe that?!!

It's all in the details! )

So after getting home from Riley's, instead of doing laundry I put in a few more hours of writing. The current totals are...*insert drumroll* 44177 words--which means my one day total for yesterday? Six. Thousand. Words. Holy Moley, I don't think I've ever done six thousand words in twelve hours before!

My apologies to all for being AWOL these past few days. There was just no time, you know? Nonetheless, I do hope all of you had a GREAT holiday (for those who celebrate it) and a fantastic weekend, too! I'll be trying to catch up with comments and such, but realistically that likely will not happen until the end of the week when NaNo is over with for another year--and hopefully by then I'll be having one of NaNo's nifty little purple bars by my name on their site and a certificate that proudly proclaims that I'm a winner again this year! :D

Now it's off to pack up Rad (my lappy) and head out to Starbucks for today's write-in! Hmm...wonder if I can pull off another 6k today??? :D

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More decent progress this weekend both yesterday at Riley's Coffee and Fudge and again today at Starbucks. (I even got free coffee out of it today--Starbucks gave both R and I a coupon because our order was delayed--wooohoo!!!) So anyway, I'm now even with the daily target for finishing on time; by tonight I should be pulling a day ahead. Things have now begun to pick up a bit once i realized that the chapter two I had been writing was not chapter two after all. It was actually the last chapter of the book, which meant there was another chapter two that I hadn't even conceived of yet. Well huh. Who knew? So now I have conceived of it and it's coming along at a fairly decent pace. *whew!* Let's hope it continues to plod merrily along now! Oh, and I've crossed the 30000 word barrier (31713 to be exact about it) at last. Go me! LOL!!

Here's the gadget widget:

And now I plan on taking my own advice and doing exactly that--going in and seeking out the square-ish thing that be squishy and comfy to lay on. I have no idea what to do when I get there, but I'm sure I will figure it out. Hopefully *before* I lose the battle with my eyelids to keep them open.

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And I made it to 25k with few extra words to spare! *does happy dance* I needed almost 3000 words when I got to the Write-In at Starbucks last night. It was supposed to run from 6-8, but there were a few of us who stayed later. I finally hit 25k at llpm and packed it in to head for home.

Gotta say, I dearly *LOVE* that place! The manager for evenings is just awesome and remembered me from the last write-in. Now, this Starbucks just opened last Friday and has been swamped ever since, both at the counter and the drive-thru. There has had to have been literally hundreds of people come and go every day since last Sunday when I was there, so I thought it was kind of cool that she remembered me. And they got the white chocolate in (they were out on Sunday :() so I finally got to try the peppermint white chocolate mocha--tis GOOD stuff! I'm thinking that if I hit a block or just a slow progress day again, I'm going down there to write, as I've made more progress there than anywhere else. LOL, somehow I see a LOT of coffee in my future there. *giggles*

So here's the latest progress widget for 25750:

So Happy Friday everyone!! And tonight is new SGA here--SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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We had our first write-in at the new Starbucks in town tonight--it was AWESOME! From the Peppermint Mocha coffee to the leather easy chairs to the abundance of electrical outlets within easy reach, it was fantastic--very comfy seating, very yummy drinks, and very homey atmosphere. I'm looking forward to spending the next few Thurs and Sun nights there already! :)

As far as progress, it went pretty well again. I'm still slightly ahead of my target numbers, sitting at just over 19k now. Should have 20k by the end of the day, if all continues to go well.

And since that one does not seem to want to update properly, let's try a small one also. *g*

Now I'm off to find where I left the bed. I know it's around here *somewhere*!

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Wow, what a day, lol. I left for the write-in at 1:30 this afternoon and didn't get home until after 10pm...whooops. *g* I made pretty decent progress--this in spite of one of the major characters *totally* re-writing an entire chapter on me. *le sigh* But I did make my word count for the day, plus a teeny bit extra besides. And I had the pick two at St. Louis Bread Company for dinner and did not totally blow my calorie count for the day, so that was good too. :D (Four of us left Riley's at 7pm and went to StL Bread Co to write for another couple of hours.) So my total word count is now sitting at just over 17k total--woohoo!!

My NaNoWriMo Progress

Tomorrow...er, make that today...there is another write-in. This one will be at the newly-opened Starbucks here in C'ville so I just have to make that one! *giggles* Hope you are all having a great weekend!!

*wanders off in search of bed*

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What an awesome day! I expected that the results of weigh-and-measure day at Curves would not be good at all (bad month with big celebration dinners and far too much ice cream!) To my complete shock, I ended up losing 7lbs and 5.25 inches since last month--go me! LOL!! :D

Anyway, in spite of being distracted by new episode of SGA on SciFi, I managed to stay on track for winning this thing and hit my 15000 words mark for the day. WoooHoo!!

My NaNoWriMo Progress

Tomorrow is the Write-in at Riley's Coffee and Fudge, so I'm hoping to really gain some ground. Busy times coming up toward the end of the month and I want to have some wriggle-room there!

Have a super Saturday, everyone!

*stumbles off to bed*
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I'm now at just over 13500 words and *finally* back on track to keep up with the daily average to finish on time. *does happy dance*
Here are the details:

My NaNoWriMo Progress

Happy Friday everyone! Which of course means new SGA tonight!! *does the happy dance* And if that's not enough...tis WEEKEND--woooooohooooo!! :D

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...Chris Baty? It's me, Kat. I was just wondering...

Is it still a grievous infraction of NaNo laws rules if I only cleaned half the stove? And I admit that I did wash all of the dishes, but that was right before dinner and since we've now eaten there are more dirty dishes in the sink, so does that count, too??? Oh, and I'm sorry, but I do draw the line at recycling undies, so I did laundry today also.

As penance for my crimes errors in judgment, I have vowed to at least double my normal amount of caffeine consumption for the day. To that end, I am now almost halfway through my second 44oz Diet Coke since noon. If this is not an acceptable atonement, I will sorta gladly submit to whatever punishment you deem appropriate. Probably.


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I'm *almost* caught up now on my average word count. Despite a busy day of running errands, a session with the back-cracker (whose partner wants to actually read my novel...now--eeeeeep!), stopping in Curves for a work-out, and then going to a write-in at St. Louis Bread Co in Edwardsville (20 min north of here). Hopefully tomorrow will also be productive and I can finally get fully caught up again! Here are the vitals:

My NaNoWriMo Progress

I hope those of you also participating are having much success thus far--and just as much fun as I am! :D

For those of you not participating, I hope you're finding much success in whatever you're doing also. (I figure the fun part goes without saying, lol.) :D

Happy Thursday everyone!

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So. It's now Nov 4 and NaNo is entering its fourth day. I'm on track now, finally, after spending the better part of the first two days arguing with the main character over what her name was going to be. Grrr.

The good news is that we finally managed to settle upon a name agreeable to both of us and the words have begun to flow pretty well the last two days. Here's the details so far:

Title: The Last Stormdancer
Words: 5009 total so far
Progress: Still on chapter one, but really, the major progress was getting the main character to agree to a more Native American-sounding name. :P

Happy Sunday and happy writing to all the authors on my flist. :D


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