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All in all, it was a rather frustrating day...

Words: 1102 words on 9/3; 4212 of 35000 for the month thus far
Fics Completed: Still working on Maelstrom (Thoughtcrimes).
Progress: went back and tweaked beginning of part 8, plus have begun the actual confrontation between Brendan and his nemesis.
Speed of Writing: Way too slow. I really, really need to pick up the pace if I'm going to achieve my goal.

On the non-writing front:

Loads of laundry finished: 2
Loads of laundry still waiting: 3
Hours hubby was late getting back for dinner: 2
Hours I had to wait to go to grocery store because hubby had only key to car with him: 3
Number of times I got pissed at hubby today: too many to count

And now I am off to faceplant into pillow. Must go to Curves tomorrow and work off all the bad-snasty calories I consumed this weekend!! Must also clean kitchen and finish putting away groceries that I did not feel like messing with tonight. :P

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!! *huggles*
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So, finally getting to post another update here. I've been very neglectful of LJ outside of the most recent fic posted, so I'm sorry for that. Between hubby's taking vacation days, grankidlet antics, and other family stuff, playtime has been limited. :P

And sadly, my beloved little Furball has left this world. The entire family was there with him on the final trip to the vet and stayed with him until the end. I was pretty much a wreck for days afterward. It's still hard and I still expect him to be there waiting with toy in mouth and tail wagging at the top of the stairs every time I come home. My emotions are pretty much at odds right now. Part of me wants wants to wait for a very long time before even thinking about another mutt, but the other part is screaming at me--loudly!--to find another mutt to join our family. I suppose we'll have to wait and see which part eventually wins out.

Oh, that's right, I promised an update, didn't I? So I guess this is the part where I own up to the current projects and admit how little I've been doing lately. :P Okay, so without further delay, here are the gruesome stats:

Fandom: Thoughtcrimes
Title: The Silent Twins
Words: 790 words total so far
Progress: Still working on opening scene, though it's almost finished--finally. Background has been set and the action can now begin! Er, almost. *giggles*

So hopefully updates will be more regular again, but I'm not holding my breath. :P

And finally, we leave you with a meme. This was gakked from [livejournal.com profile] karri_kln1671.

My Fantasy Archetype is... )

Have a great Sunday everyone! *hugs*
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Thanks to all of you for the good vibes and wishes. Power came back last night around eleven-ish or so. That was indeed a very good thing, because had it stayed out until 3am as the rumors floating round the building said, yours truly would have prolly ended up in the ER. :P

Why? It got very warm in here very quickly without the a/c, so hubby opened the windows and door. Within minutes, I was racing for the inhaler and puffing away. And by the time power did come back, I was already having trouble breathing again. Thankfully, once windows were closed and a/c restored, I was able to breathe much easier again. The albuterol-shakes were not fun, but it was better than not being able to get any air into my lungs.

So not much writing was accomplished last night either. Will try to post an update before bed tonight, barring any more power issues or distractions from firetrucks right outside my front door with lights flashing. (Did I mention that the doofus upstairs and directly above me called the FD because she burned some popcorn night before last? Not flaming-burned, just scorched-and-smelly-burned. So yeah, the poor guys were dragged out of bed--it was around midnight when this happened--because she scorched a batch of popcorn. *insert much eye-rollage here*)

Am off to lay down for awhile in hopes of losing headache and tired, draggy feeling. Hopefully, there will be progress on Legacy of the Last when I wake up--am really quite anxious to get back to whumping Lorne... *giggles*
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Okay, so I have abysmally horrid at updating for several months now. Sorry to anyone who was concerned and I promise I will try to do better again. Why the drought? *sigh* Well, lots of stuff going on and that, combined with a total lack of motivation or energy on my part, equalled no posting here for the better part of two months. :P

What's been going on? Well, family stuff is about the same as always--BUSY. Between having the munchkins here every other weekend from Fri-Sun nights and the usual family commitments, I've not had much quiet time, which has meant not a lot of writing has been accomplished lately. I did finally manage a tag for the weekend challenge at [livejournal.com profile] sheps_atlantis though--thanks to watching an episode with Karri last night. :D (I watched The Hive after Epiphany last night and that one cooperated far better than the Epiphany idea. Hope you don't mind... *giggles*)

In other news, as those of you on Twitter already know, my poor aging Furball, Boogie, is not doing well. The vet suspects cancer, but due to his advanced age, treatment is not really an option. So he's been having some okay days and a couple of not-so-okay days over the past couple of weeks, but it's becoming increasing obvious that his time among us is drawing to an end. He's been my almost-constant companion for over fifteen years now, so he's going to leave a pretty huge hole in my life--and my heart--when he leaves me.

On other writing fronts, I have a LOT of ideas that I so want to get started on. After a HUGE drought, I'm hoping that getting just shy of 2000 words down last night in right at two hours time is the signal that the floodgates are opening and the words will flow freely again once more. *crossing fingers*

So I hope to be back with daily progress reports again...or at least get back to updating more regularly. I'm also way far behind on reading fic, so I'm also hoping to begin catching up on the backlog of that soon also.

So Happy Friday everyone! :)
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Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] belisse: My Silver-Age SuperHero Career )

I need to apologize for not posting an update in quite awhile. I have been plugging away at the zine fic, though, despite the lack of progress reports. I'm at a little over 13000 words and almost finished--in fact, I'm on the last scene now. I'll post the final tally once it's finished--hopefully later tonight.

In other news, I might not be online until Friday night. As I'm re-reading the letter from our management company that I found on my door yesterday, I'm realizing that it's really rather vague. All it really says is that they're going to be replacing the outside breakers for the buildings, which will require shutting off the power, and that work will be done on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully, they'll be turning it back on for the evening hours tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

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I found out this morning that my cousin's son was killed in a car accident in Germany. My cousin is a year younger than I; his son was just finishing his senior year in high school.

I'm just...gutted.

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Warning: a bit of sarcastic ranting ahead! Proceed at your own risk. You have been warned. Not responsible for damages or injuries that may result from reading this blog. Any resemblance to persons either living or dead is absolutely and totally intentional, so get over it. No fonts or icons have been harmed in the making of this rant. Um, yeah. Think that pretty much covers it, so let the rant begin.

If the above hasn't scared you away, click here to proceed to the ranting. )
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It's been awhile since I've posted anything other than a meme, and I'm feeling kind of guilty about it. So here is a short update on RL issues.

The Good:
--I booked my flight for MediaWest last week. It was cheaper to fly into Lansing than to Detroit--even though the flight has a stop over to change planes in Detroit. Weird. Now if only we would hear something from the hotel! Anyone else out there planning to go?
--It's supposed to snow tonight! Yippee!! We got barely more than a dusting last time. Haven't had any real, measurable snow all winter yet and I'm so ready, LOL.
--I've started watching Robin Hood (the BBC series from the UK). Am halfway through the 13 episodes that my friend sent me. I am so hooked. Um, Steph? Sir Guy is interesting, and I'll even give you good looking, but I'm afraid that Robin has completely stolen my heart. Will still try to catch North & South, though. Am definitely interested in seeing more of RA's work, just not overly enamored with Sir Guy. Er, sorry?? =)
--Am working on more SGA fic. I have a tag for "The Eye" almost finished and am making some progress on the zine fic. And I have a name for both now. Yeah! Have also been doing some writing on YIM, um, well, almost everyday. Am thinking anything this much fun should probably not be legal... :D

The Bad:
--I had a great time with the granddaughters over the weekend, but was seriously pissed at Elise's dad. Their custody agreement provided visitation days for Dad during the week. Now that the little squirt is in school full-time, that's rarely possible. So they've worked things out with him getting her every other weekend. Which is great, but means that there are no court-ordered hours. He's taking full advantage and calling later and later with the return times. Last weekend, I was informed at 4:30 that he was bringing her back at 6:00. Which pretty much meant that I wasn't able to make any plans at all on Sunday.
--When she finally gets here, she quickly informs me that she hasn't had dinner yet. I hadn't made it to the grocery store because Hubs had the car on Sat., so though I had snacks, I didn't have anything for dinner. So we ended up taking her out to a restaurant. I wish I could say that things like this were rare, but two weeks ago, he sent her back without any pajamas. So despite it being cold and rainy and nasty, we had to drag her out and make an emergency run to KMart to pick up something for her to wear. I think next time, I'm going to make whatever plans I may happen to feel like making, and if I'm not back by the time he brings her? Oh well, he can just sit and wait for us. And if he's late for work, well, then maybe next time he'll actually let me know more than an hour and a half ahead of time when he's bringing her back...

The Ugly:
--Hubby was home sick today. His company is instituting bar code scanning and they are moving everything around in preparation. He's worked every Sat for the past month on this as well as extra hours during the week. This past weekend, they got into an area where there were shelves that hadn't been dusted or used in years--literally not in years. The dust was awful and I'm pretty certain that his fever and stuffy head are the result of a sinus infection caused by all that dust. (The goof-balls didn't wear masks. ::rolls eyes::) So I've got him talked into letting me make an appointment for him with the doc in the morning. Now if only the weather will cooperate.
--Speaking of which, we're supposed to get wintry mix first, changing over to snow mid-morning with accumulation of 3-6 inches of snow by nightfall. And while I'd totally *adore* the snow, I can so live without the ice and sleet crap that we're supposed to get over the next few hours...

Okay, enough ranting and rambling from me. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

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WARNING: Rant ahead!!

Click here for the tale of Kat's No Good Really Bad Day )

Hope all of you on my flist had a much better Saturday than I did!

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Have you ever had one of those days were nothing at all goes according to plan? Well, I've just had three of them. In a row. At this point, I'm not at all certain that I really want to find out what monkey wrenches ol' Murphy is going to throw into my day tomorrow either. ::eyerolls::

I didn't get my sandbox time on Sunday due to the unexpectedly early arrival of Elise (granddaughter #2). Ashley (granddaughter #1) was here all weekend, as scheduled. Elise was supposed to get here about an hour after Ash left for her Dad's. Instead, she was here all afternoon, which was great that the two of them got to play (which doesn't happen often)--but it really killed any chance of *my* playtime. Then after Ash left, we headed out for dinner and KMart for a few necessities. By the time I got Elise into pj's, gave her a snack, made her brush teeth, read her a story, and got her to sleep, it was waaaay too late to sandbox. ::pouts::

But don't get me wrong here--I loved having them both visit and really did enjoy my day with them. It's just not what I had planned.

Then today, things were going along fairly well. I got my three loads of laundry finished without even having to wait for a washer or dryer to open up. That NEVER happens! I had been thinking about heating leftovers for dinner about the time Hubs called. Whereas he'd normally be almost home at the time he called, he was just leaving work. And he had eBay packages to mail. By the time they'd get back on this side of the river, all the POs would be closed. So he decides he's going to have the lady he rides with drop him off in the city we used to live in, about 30 mins north of here, where he can use the automated mailing center. Then he's planning to take the bus back here, which wouldn't get him home until around 8pm. At which point *I'd* have to fix him dinner...

My response to this plan? NO. WAY. Even if I only heated up the leftovers, I'd still have to clean up after and I'm not a fan of being stuck in the kitchen until ten at night. Period. He *knows* this. So he eventually agreed that I could just pick him up and we'd eat out. We went to a new place (54th Street Grill) and were both quite pleased with our meals. He had a chicken sandwich and fries, while I had Maui Jim's Chicken Salad--YUM!

So now I'm off to make some progress on the zine fic--I hope!

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Woke up to major drama from the upstairs neighbors yesterday morning. Again. They're newlyweds, or so we've been told. So anyway, after much stomping (again) and screaming (again) and slamming of doors (again) and slamming of other stuff (again), the guy apparently left her. Next came the screaming phone call to let him know that she was having the locks changed so he wouldn't be able to get back in later if he didn't come back right then and there. ::sigh::

This all started back on Dec 1, several months after they moved in. That's when they started sleeping in separate bedrooms. I know waaaay more about these people than I ever wanted to know. He's not working and apparently spent a few months in jail recently. She's tired of paying all the bills and not getting any help with household chores. See? Waaaay more than I ever, ever wanted to know!

After one particularly loud battle in their kitchen, my son stood on a chair and pounded on the ceiling. They toned it down and he stormed out (as usual). Shortly after, my son left for work and encountered the guy in the parking lot. As my son passed him, the guy snarled at him that he should "learn to mind his own god damn business." My son countered by informing him that wasn't some girl the guy could slap whenever the mood strikes, so bring it on, and that if he didn't want people to know his business they should stop screaming it loud enough to be heard over his neighbors' televisions. The guy huffed off without another word and hasn't spoken to him or us since. Anyway, his Jeep was back within the hour after her ultimatum, so I'm sure we're in for a lot more drama and screaming matches before all is said and done. :(

Then my daughter decided that she couldn't wait any longer to move around all the boxes and junk in her bedroom. (Some of it is ours, some hers.) I ended up being late to my writer's group meeting due to trying to help her.

When I finally got to the meeting, I quickly rediscovered how much fun these guys are. Even if they (The Jenna!) did make me read part of my NaNo novel--which had not been edited at all yet--to the group. :D Next meeting I will definitely be bringing something that's been edited for more than five minutes and hopefully will not embarrass myself. It's so awesome to spend time with people who really *get it* when it comes to writing. And what was really amazing was the range of material in the group--and how interesting all of them were! I'm already really, really looking forward to our February meeting. ::grins::

And now it's off to bed so I can get up and get some chores out of the way in order to spend my afternoon playing on YIM in the SGA sandbox. :D

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Can I please just go crawl in a hole somewhere and die now?

This has so not been my week. As if the hacker-mess over the weekend wasn't enough, the fun continued here yesterday. I decided that it was so cold that stew sounded good for dinner. Now I had errands to run in the afternoon, so I decided to use my slow cooker. No biggie, I've done it hundreds of times over the years. So I got up yesterday morning and got to work on chopping veggies and beef. Had almost everything finished and was thinking ahead to getting the dog out and taking a shower, so I could get the errands out of the way and get home before the temperatures dropped too far, as they were predicted to do over the course of the day. Unfortunately, that meant my mind was not on what I was doing. Soooo...guess what I did?


If you guessed slicing my index finger from first to second knuckle on the diagonal, you're right. No stitches, but (a)it still hurt like hell and (b)even with the band-aid, every time I bent my finger the cut pulled open. So if I owe you a reply, it's liable to be a little delayed. :(

(It feels better today, btw, as long as I don't bend it too much. Though typing without bending one of my index fingers has been...interesting. And time-consuming. *g*)

Now comes mistake number two. I figured that I deserved a nice quiet day after the madness of the past week or so, right? So I was very much looking forward to getting up, getting the dog out, then showering, and settling in for breakfast to read email before watching Sunday. (Which had taken most of the previous day and all night to download...grrr.)

I didn't get it. I was awakened by the hammering and banging noises in the boiler room downstairs, but wasn't too upset at that point. (Hey, something was obviously wrong and they were fixing it. And, um, did I ever mention that the boiler room is located directly underneath my bedroom?) So I get up and use the bathroom. Everything is fine, no problems. So I get undressed to take my shower. Climb in and turn the faucet on.


Nope, nothing happens. Apparently the problem required that they shut off the water to fix it. Fine, but FCOL, could you at least have given some warning first? (Hubs, son, & daughter all got ready and off for work/school with no problems, thank goodness.) So no shower for me and no water to wash the dishes from last night that I left sitting because of my finger. I really lucked out when I first got up, because after finding the shower not working, the toilet didn't work anymore either. So yeah, fun day. They didn't get the water back on until almost 4:30pm.

And Sunday? Gah, talk about feeling totally gutted afterward. The character development bits were great, but man. I keep tearing up just thinking about it.

Anyway, I'm here, though it may take me a bit to answer everyone for another day or two. :)

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I so needed my very own, personal Satedan butt-kicker this weekend. As if the threat of ice all weekend wasn't bad enough, my husband's eBay account was hacked Saturday. What fun...NOT. This--I hesitate to use the term "person" here--jerk managed to list almost 50 expensive items for sale before he was noticed. Hubby found him when he logged on to check email and got a slew of listing notices for things he hadn't listed. So he logged into eBay and immediately changed his password. Without going into all the gory details, his account was temporarily suspended (which he understood, but was understandably upset about) and the listings removed. Had we not contacted them, he would have been charged well over a hundred dollars in listing fees. NOT cool! Anyway, after many emails and phone calls to verify identities, by this evening the fees had been credited (though he still thinks the balance is higher than it should be) and he can resume normal account activities. Only he's now lost the entire weekend, during which he'd finally planned to go through all the stuff he's bought to sell--something I've been after him to do for months now. So all of his boxes and bags of stuff are still sitting around and cluttering up my bedroom and closet.


To add to the frustration, I delayed taking the Christmas tree down, as I didn't want all those boxes sitting around to stumble over if the power went out. And until the tree is down, I can't get to the decorations on the shelves behind it. Then my daughter came down with the bug that's going around, and of course my granddaughter was here for the weekend. Then hubs decided Saturday evening that he wanted to replace the crappy mouse for the desktop, so we had to take the little tyke along with us. And while she was very well behaved, it wasn't so much fun dragging all the stuffed animals, Pixter, and various other items she insisted on having along in the rain. (Bottom line: she really wanted to stay with mom, who was really, really sick by then and needed to rest.) And we'd already been out the night before shopping for groceries and other emergency supplies in the rain, so I really wasn't eager to repeat the experience again the next day.

But hubs has his new mouse/keyboard combo, daughter has the good drugs and is feeling better already, and the ice stayed on the other side of the river. So frustration factors aside, it really could have been so much worse. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend--and a safe, dry, and warm week ahead!!


Jan. 4th, 2007 02:25 am
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Wow, it's really been a busy week here. But let's start with the big news.

We finally have a new set of wheels! Not new-new wheels, but new-old wheels. And a payment to shell out every month and a bigger insurance premium, which I'm trying hard not to dwell on for now. ::grins::

I'll try to post pics later, since it was too dark out for that by the time hubs got home from the dealership with it. It's a red 2000 Ford Taurus, and while we'd planned on something a little newer, the price on it was too good to pass up for the condition and mileage. It even has a new windshield, which the dealership replaced at no cost to us. So even though we signed the paperwork on Saturday morning, we had to wait until this evening to take possession since they ended up having to order the new glass.

It was quite an interesting weekend. Hubs took Friday off. He'd stopped by the dealership to look at the car Thurs evening and they let him take it home so he could have a mechanic friend look it over on Friday. Mechanic-friend gave his blessing, so we decided to buy it. The only drawback was the windshield, which was badly cracked in one corner. The big family holiday party was Saturday, so we expected to have to go back Tues to do paperwork. But we needed a car to get to the party, so we ended up stopping at Enterprise and picking up a rental for the weekend. I follow hubby to the dealership (which is a good half-hour away) and they want to start the paperwork that evening. They think they can get it done that night if we run back home and get some paperwork they need. I'm not really thrilled about it, as I still have two kinds of cookies to bake for Saturday's party. So go home and grab the stuff, head back to the dealership still not having had dinner (it's now after 8pm). They get the loan guy in and he gets started. He comes back awhile later and informs us that there isn't anyone at the bank to confirm the interest rate this late and could we come back tomorrow afternoon. Um, no. We have the party which starts at noon. We finally agree to come in around 11am and he promises it won't take but a few minutes.

Now we still haven't eaten dinner and are starving, so we stop for a burger on the way home and make a quick run through the grocery store for a couple of last minute supplies. We get home and put the groceries away and by the time I finally get to start on the cookies, it's almost 10:30pm. ::sigh:: I bake and bake and bake and finally get to bed around 4am. Up at 9am to get ready for party and head to dealership to sign papers. Hubs is late getting back from meeting his buddies for coffee and we don't even leave C'ville until nearly 11. Get to the dealership and get the paperwork done, head back to pick up daughter and both granddaughters. Pack up cookies, people, and kid gear before stopping to grab a pack of 50 wings from Wing's 'N Things and finally head to the party. Had a great time at the party, in spite of running on only 4hrs sleep.

Sunday daughter, granddaughter, and I headed to the mall to spend gift cards. ::grins:: Ash was so tired after the party the day before, but she was so good while we shopped. Her favorite part was our stop in the Libby Lu store. (makeup, dress up clothes, hair accessories, etc. for young girls) Monday was more shopping at KMart and WalMart (at the latter I was again reminded why I avoid like the plague whenever possible...). Tues was running more errands before returning the rental car.

Now I just have to take down the holiday decorations and get them back to the storage unit...

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First, there was good news and bad news on the car front. Good news is that it only cost around $200 for the car repairs. Bad news is that the engine is pretty much shot and it needs to be replaced very, very soon. ::sigh:: And I was really loving that whole not having a car payment to shell out every month...

Second, I have been able to accomplish a little more on the secret santa fic. I really, really want to have it ready for posting by Christmas, so I've got to buckle down and stop the procrastinating! While there's not much here, it's pretty good for having my granddaughter here for the weekend. Still, I need to be doing at least twice this much each day if I want to have a prayer of finishing on schedule. Here are the numbers since the last update:

Title: Of Madmen, Minions, and Christmas Miracles
Words Written: 1371 on 12/10-15 (4008 total so far)
Progress: Tweaked a lot of the Rodney dialog after meli pointed out that he was being too nice (thanks again, meli!!) and made some other changes. Finished scene with Teyla watching over John in the infirmary, finished scene where Elizabeth comes to check on him, and started scene that reveals how Ronon was wounded. ::grins at alasse::

Now I'm off to bed. Will be a busy day with lots of birthday stuff happening, so it may get tricky trying to work in the writing time--but I have to do it. Wish me luck! :D

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Okay, so today the electrician shows up to try and fix whatever is making the lights flicker in my bedrooms. So what happens? Nothing. Not so much as a teensy-weensy little dimming. Read the continuing saga here. )


Now I'm off to find chocolate and see where I can get with The Gates of Annwn before bed.

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You know that saying about the surest way to experience God's way of laughing at you is to make plans? Oh, yeah. Fell for it bigtime. Hook, line, and sinker. ::sigh:: Gory details here. ) Now I'm going to go read my email and find some nice, whumpy fanfic to soothe myself before I start writing my novel in just under four hours. ::grins::
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::does the happy dance::

Went shopping tonight after dinner. Hubs got his Anniversary/Christmas present last night and I got mine tonight.

And here is what I got! )

To the other customer at Best Buy who had been looking but didn't ask for one until right after I did...erm, sorry, but well, you snooze, you lose. ::grins sheepishly::

::does the happy dance some more::
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It took me a whole hour, but I finally got hubs away from computer and futzing with his car show pictures to leave for dinner. Go me, lol!! We ended up going to a local family-style restaurant; the Greek Salad was delish.

Before we left, I made him do the planet meme, too. ::giggles:: His was also pretty scarily accurate. I told him I was going to post it and he didn't say no, soooo...

You Are From Mercury

You are talkative, clever, and knowledgeable - and it shows.
You probably never leave home without your cell phone!
You're witty, expressive, and aware of everything going on around you.
You love learning, playing, and taking in all of what life has to offer.
Be careful not to talk your friends' ears off, and temper your need to know everything.

Now I should probably go open Word and at least pretend to work on the VS9 thing...

What a Day!

Aug. 3rd, 2006 11:02 pm
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Today was my day to babysit my granddaughter while my daughter worked.  She's on the 11a-11p shift, so throwing in travel time each way and charting time, I end up watching her for more like fourteen hours--sometimes longer if the ER is busy.


Jul. 8th, 2006 02:32 am
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Can you believe it? Yes, I'm actually posting two days in a row--yippee.

So, hubster informs me earlier this week that the car needs new tires on the front end. We cannot put if off any longer; the steel belts are starting to show in a couple of places. Wonderful. Then he tells me the tires are probably going to run around $150 for the pair. He makes the appointment for yesterday and we drop the car off the night before.

Now normally, this would not be a big deal. Unfortunately, his desktop died a couple of weeks ago and I'd been cutting all possible corners to be able to get him a new one asap. He's been using my laptop in the meantime and sharing with the entire family is getting old very quickly. I was planning to break the news last night that this weekend we'd finally be able to place his order. So much for that idea. Okay, I think, so maybe if I'm really crafty and move a couple of payments around a bit, we can do the computer next week.

Hah. Life really seems to have a way of dumping huge amounts of rain on my parade lately. He comes home with the car after work last night and announces that it cost just a little more than he'd hoped. How much more, I ask. Well, see they had to do an alignment, too, he says. Okay, he'd mentioned this was a possibility, so I'm not all that surprised. How much, I ask again. Uh, well, see they also found out that something called a sway bar had broken and needed to be replaced. Ah, so that's what the occasional clunking noise when you turn was all about, I say. Yep, he agrees but makes no attempt to actually answer my question regarding cost. So, HOW MUCH, I ask for the third time. He finally just hands me the bill. Sigh. Over three hundred bucks.

Guess who gets to keep sharing her laptop for at least another month???



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