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The muse seems to be more in the mood to cooperate this month--so far. I'm praying it continues beyond just this first week, but I suppose I'll take whatever I can get, lol. Anyway, as I've had several days in a row now of 1k+ progress, I thought I'd go ahead and post a progress report. :)

Title: It's The Little Things
Fandom: SGA
Words: 6112 on 2/4 thru 2/7; 43,466 total words so far

For those of you wondering how I'm doing in the [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout venture? Um, well...better but not spectacular. I'm slowly but surely catching up though, so we'll see. Thankfully I have a lot of time to make up the January deficit--provided the muse will stick around! Here's the little widget-thingie with the gory details:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
16,890 / 350,000

So that's what I've been up to this weekend. :) For those of you also struggling with the words, I wish you a very fun uber-productive and word-filled day! For those who aren't engaging in the War of The Words, hope you also have a day filled with much fun and joy! :)
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Ugh, I've been *horrible* about posting updates here again. *sigh* Between sinus problems, out-of-control allergies, and RL stuff, I haven't gotten nearly as much writing done as I'd like. Still, I did manage to get to Curves 3 times last week and once this week already, so that's at least something. Here's the latest pathetic report:

Words: 2401 since last update; 13772 of 35000 for the month so far
Fics: Still struggling with the untitled ficathon story, plus my parts of the co-written SGA story
Progress: 1441 words on SGA ficathon story; 960 on untitled SGA co-writing project
Speed of Writing: Pathetic. I've *really* got to step things up here and soon. Maybe once I have my new Season 3 DVD set tomorrow the muse will get re-inspired and really go to town for me. *crosses fingers*
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Things went much better today (especially this evening) partly due to not having quite as bad of a headache but much more likely due to a little friendly word-count competition with [livejournal.com profile] alasse_fae. Thanks, my friend! :D

Words: 1764 on 9/5; 7024 of 35000 for the month so far
Fics completed: Still working on Maelstrom (Thoughtcrimes) and an untitled SGA fic that I'm co-writing with a friend. (I'm only counting the parts I write for the untitled fic.)
Progress: 1178 words on part 9 of Maelstrom (which is now at 15678 total words thus far) and 586 words on the untitled SGA fic.
Speed of Writing: Better than yesterday, but still plenty of room for improvement. I'll need to have more than this for daily word counts come November if I'm going to win at NaNoWriMo, after all.

So now am off to bed, but first must find tylenol and make sandwiches for R's lunch. Tomorrow, I plan to celebrate my success thus far with a little shopping spree on iTunes. (was going to do it tonight, but have pretty much run out of steam)

And as this is Thursday, I shall be dragging my sorry carcass off to Curves to workout...anyone out there care to join me? *hint,hint@you-know-who-you-are* :D

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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Not as much progress as I'd like, but considering the size of the headache I've had all evening, it's far more than I'd anticipated achieving.

Words: 1048 on 9/4; 5260 of 35000 for the month
Fics completed: Still working on Maelstrom (Thoughtcrimes)
Progress: Finished part 8 and began part 9
Speed of Writing: crap. I really, really, really need to find a way to pick up the pace very soon or I'll never make my goal. :P

Now I be off to raid the Tylenol bottle again and faceplant. Hopefully headache will have been banished to oblivion by tomorrow and I'll be able to make some real progress on this thing.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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All in all, it was a rather frustrating day...

Words: 1102 words on 9/3; 4212 of 35000 for the month thus far
Fics Completed: Still working on Maelstrom (Thoughtcrimes).
Progress: went back and tweaked beginning of part 8, plus have begun the actual confrontation between Brendan and his nemesis.
Speed of Writing: Way too slow. I really, really need to pick up the pace if I'm going to achieve my goal.

On the non-writing front:

Loads of laundry finished: 2
Loads of laundry still waiting: 3
Hours hubby was late getting back for dinner: 2
Hours I had to wait to go to grocery store because hubby had only key to car with him: 3
Number of times I got pissed at hubby today: too many to count

And now I am off to faceplant into pillow. Must go to Curves tomorrow and work off all the bad-snasty calories I consumed this weekend!! Must also clean kitchen and finish putting away groceries that I did not feel like messing with tonight. :P

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!! *huggles*
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And then I be off to dreamland! Made decent progress today, I suppose, but I am going to have really step it up if I'm going to maintain this type of count. :)

Words Written: 2079 on 9/2; 3110 of 35000 for month so far
Fic Completed: Still working on Maelstrom (Thoughtcrimes fic).
Progress: Finished Chapter 7 and began chapter 8. Almost to big confrontation between bad guy and hero.
Speed of Writing: Need to pick up the pace. I was able to spend far more time writing today than usual, so I need to step up the pace if I'm going to maintain this much word count.

Hope everyone is having a truly awesome holiday weekend! If you have Monday off from work, enjoy and have fun! If not...wow, that sucks! *huggles* :D Have a grand old time no matter what your agenda and good night, my dear friends, good night!

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So. I joined the [livejournal.com profile] ficfrenzy comm. My goal is to write 35000 words during the month of September as a warm up for NaNoWriMo in November. I hope to complete my current Thoughtcrimes fic and as many of my PIF stories as possible. Oh, and I also need to have my story for the [livejournal.com profile] sheps_atlantis ficathon finished by Sept 20.

So I'll be posting daily progress reports again, which I've been very lax about lately. Now on to business. Progress for day 1 was not too bad, I suppose, considering it was hubby's birthday and I spent the afternoon and most of the evening with him instead of writing. :D

Word Count: 1031 words for the day (Sept 1); 1031 total words for the month so far
Fics Completed: Still working on Pt. 7 of Maelstrom (Thoughtcrimes)
Progress: Finished first part of flashback scene and began second flashback.
Speed of Writing: So-so. Need to step things up if I'm going to hit my goal of 35000 words for the month.

We'll be staying close to home for the most part tomorrow, so hopefully that will mean a great deal of progress on fic!
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Not much progress again, but some is better than none I suppose. Here are the numbers for today:

Fandom: Thoughtcrimes
Challenge: Random Title Generator Challenge
Title: The Silent Twins
Words: 625 on 07/16 (3695 total words so far)
Progress: Finished Brendan's questioning of the twins, but oh dear, Brendan seems to have picked up a bit of an owie. :O


Now off to find meds and do a faceplant into pillow. Have another whole week of early meds after visiting the doc's today. Yippy-skippy. :P

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*sigh* I was supposed to be off to bed over an hour ago, but the muse decided we should write more on the current project first. She doesn't seem to care that I have to be up early for medication or that I have a follow up appointment about my stupid ear *and* we're out of everything so I also have to stop for groceries. Blech. Anyway, here are the latest numbers:

Fandom: Thoughtcrimes
Challenge: Random Title Generator Challenge
Title: The Silent Twins
Words: 594 words on 07/15 (3081 total so far)
Progress: Finished the second scene and started on the third scene where Brendan and Freya meet the twins for the first time. Things are going to heat up very soon...look out Brendan! LOL!

Now I *MUST* be off to bed. Am seriously hoping that they can do something to finally get this stupid ear to open up and *stay* open when I go to the Doc's--wish me luck! :P
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Before I go collapse into bed, here's a quick update on the latest story:

Fandom: Thoughtcrimes
Challenge: Random Title Generator Challenge
Title: The Silent Twins
Word Count: 1435 words since last update (2225 total so far) Due to tweaking and additions, it was more trouble than it was worth to figure out a total for the day so I just went from last update instead. :P
Progress: Have finished opening scene as well as the next scene. Am now ready to start on part three. I seriously thought this story would run maybe 2k total words, but I'm already over than and only about half finished. Ooops.

Now I must go faceplant into pillow. Gotta be up early for hubby to help with the ear drops that don't seem to be having much effect. *sigh*

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So, finally getting to post another update here. I've been very neglectful of LJ outside of the most recent fic posted, so I'm sorry for that. Between hubby's taking vacation days, grankidlet antics, and other family stuff, playtime has been limited. :P

And sadly, my beloved little Furball has left this world. The entire family was there with him on the final trip to the vet and stayed with him until the end. I was pretty much a wreck for days afterward. It's still hard and I still expect him to be there waiting with toy in mouth and tail wagging at the top of the stairs every time I come home. My emotions are pretty much at odds right now. Part of me wants wants to wait for a very long time before even thinking about another mutt, but the other part is screaming at me--loudly!--to find another mutt to join our family. I suppose we'll have to wait and see which part eventually wins out.

Oh, that's right, I promised an update, didn't I? So I guess this is the part where I own up to the current projects and admit how little I've been doing lately. :P Okay, so without further delay, here are the gruesome stats:

Fandom: Thoughtcrimes
Title: The Silent Twins
Words: 790 words total so far
Progress: Still working on opening scene, though it's almost finished--finally. Background has been set and the action can now begin! Er, almost. *giggles*

So hopefully updates will be more regular again, but I'm not holding my breath. :P

And finally, we leave you with a meme. This was gakked from [livejournal.com profile] karri_kln1671.

My Fantasy Archetype is... )

Have a great Sunday everyone! *hugs*
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Due to the fact that I was not home much today and spent yesterday cleaning and straightening up after the weekend chaos, I really haven't accomplished very much. *sigh*

Here are the numbers:

Title: The Great Paper Caper
Words: 531 words on 4/25 (3075 total words so far)
Progress: The boys have the points system figured out and the games have begun. In other developments, Liz has now briefly visited Ronon in the infirmary and asked for a word with John... :O

On a wholly different note, they are predicting the possibility of some severe weather here over the next few days. So if I don't reply to posts or comments or am not around on YIM, that's probably why. :(

If the weather holds, I'll try to post some weekend picspam for ya'll tomorrow. :)
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Okay, so I've been really, really bad about updating again. *sigh*

Anyway, not a whole lot of writing was accomplished last week due to RL issues rearing their nasty little heads. Nothing major, just a lot of little crap hitting the fan all at the same time, lol. But...

--Taxes are filed (getting a rather nice little refund from both state and federal--yay!)
--Checks are finally ordered (had to end up going to the bank and getting them to fill out a form before the order could be processed--grr)
--Grandkidlets have both come and gone several times
--Various people were taxied to and fro.

And I still found a wee bit of time to work on the [livejournal.com profile] rononficathon story that's due on May 13. Oh, and my writer's group met on Saturday. I managed to finally get enthused about the NaNo novel and have edited/rewrote the first ten pages of The Gates of Annwn--yay!!

So for anyone who might be interested, here are a few numbers from various stories in progress:

Fandom: SGA
Title: The Great Paper Caper ([livejournal.com profile] rononficathon assignment)
Words: 2544 words and counting (probably another thousand or so until I'm finished)

Fandom: SGA
Title: The Eventuality of Aftereffects (tag for The Storm/The Eye)
Words: 4048 total words so far

Fandom: SGA
Title: untitled Sheplantis for [livejournal.com profile] karri_kln1671 (cuz she asked :D)
Words: 446 total words so far (and I have no clue where this one is really going yet, lol, so no estimates)

And that's what I've been up to lately. :)

Hope you all have a terrific Monday!!
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::does the happy dance::

It's done it's done it's done it's done! Woohoooo!! The zine fic is finally finished and with one more pass, it will be ready to send off to the editor. Here are the final totals:

Fandom: SGA
Title: Cutting the Gordian Knot
Word Count: 16444 total words

Now I can turn my attention to finishing my tag for The Storm/The Eye, working on my assignment for [livejournal.com profile] rononficathon, and writing a Thoughtcrimes ficlet for [livejournal.com profile] karri_kln1671.

Of course, there's also an SGA plot bunny file on my hard drive with almost 50 different bunnies waiting for my attention. *giggles*

Have a great Monday, everyone! :)

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Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] belisse: My Silver-Age SuperHero Career )

I need to apologize for not posting an update in quite awhile. I have been plugging away at the zine fic, though, despite the lack of progress reports. I'm at a little over 13000 words and almost finished--in fact, I'm on the last scene now. I'll post the final tally once it's finished--hopefully later tonight.

In other news, I might not be online until Friday night. As I'm re-reading the letter from our management company that I found on my door yesterday, I'm realizing that it's really rather vague. All it really says is that they're going to be replacing the outside breakers for the buildings, which will require shutting off the power, and that work will be done on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully, they'll be turning it back on for the evening hours tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

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Okay, so I've not been updating again. Bad kat, no biscuit!!

I've had a very difficult time over the last week or so finding the enthusiasm to work on the zine fic. Last Friday, I finally figured out why. As I was going along, I suddenly realized that one of the main supporting OCs was just totally not working.

Well crap.

So I went in to look back over what I'd written and realized that large parts of her dialog and many of her reactions to certain events were not at all what they should be for a young child. Furthermore, I discovered that I had reached a point in the story where it became very apparent that a young child really didn't work in the story. At all.

Double crap!

So I've spent the weekend totally rewriting the twenty-six pages I'd managed up to that point and am now back on track--I hope! Now if I can only finish the rest within the next two days and meet my deadline...


So here are the new numbers. I'm just giving a total word count, because there is absolutely no way to go back and tell what was cut and what was added.

Title: Cutting the Gordian Knot
Word Count: 8345 total words so far
Progress: Rewrote all but the opening scene.

And I'm still *sooo* tempted to sign up for the Ronon ficathon...


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Stayed up far too late writing, but I've managed to hit my thousand-words-a-day goal again. Yippee!! Here are the numbers:

Title: Cutting the Gordian Knot
Words Written: 1033 on 2/26 (7717 total words so far)
Progress: finished the incomplete scene from last time, plus another; started on a third

And now I'm off to bed, after I take the dog out and make hubby's sandwich for lunch. I've decided to reward myself for getting back into the swing and hitting some decent word counts with a trip to Borders for the latest Stargate magazine. :D

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

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...and then I'm off to bed. The two granddaughters were here all day, but played well together and allowed me to get some writing done. Here are the stats:

Title: The Eventuality of Aftereffects (a tag for The Storm/The Eye)
Words Written: 716 on 2/25 (2818 total words so far)
Progress: finished one scene and started on another.


Title: Cutting the Gordian Knot
Words Written: 302 on 2/25 (6684 total so far)
Progress: Writing wise, I managed only part of the scene I began previously. I did, however, manage to edit a good portion of what I'd previously written, so all in all, I did accomplish a lot on this one, too.

And between the two fics, I did manage to write over a thousand words again--go me! LOL! It really feels good to be on somewhat of a roll again. :D

And now I'm off to collapse in bed. Those of you currently being hit with the nasty weather--stay safe and warm! :)

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Well, the headache I woke up with and have been fighting all week eased enough this evening to finally get down to business on the zine fic. Made some decent progress--here are the details:

Title: Cutting the Gordian Knot
Words Written: 1079 on 2/24 (6326 total words so far)
Progress: finished the scene I started yesterday plus one more, started on a third one.

That's over 1000 words two days in a row. Now if I can just keep it up, I might have a prayer of actually finishing this thing on time...

Today will be interesting. We'll have both the granddaughters here for the morning and afternoon, and one for the evening as well. I'm praying that the headache stays at minimum intensity because the two of them can get quite...excited when they're together. Hey, they're six and they don't get to see each other all that often these days now that they're both in school. So yeah, definitely get excited. And...loud. :O

So it's off to let the dog out, hit the Advil bottle one more time, and then drag my sorry self off to sleep for awhile. Hope you all have a great Sunday! :)

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So, um, yeah, I've been really, really, REALLY bad at posting progress reports. Which is probably why I'm not further along with this one. It's going to be submitted to a zine, so I really need to get moving on it and finish before the deadline gets here. Oh, yeah. It's an SGA fic. Surprise, surprise! ;)

::insert drumrollage here::

Title: Cutting the Gordian Knot
Words Written: 1148 words on 2/23 (5245 total so far)
Progress: Finished 3 scenes and started a fourth

This is my first John/Teyla friendship story, so I'm a little nervous as to whether I'm doing them justice or not. I'm pretty much a canon writer, so friendship stories are as far as I go with pairings, be they male, female, or mixed pairings. And I *really* need to find a beta very soon...

Oh, hey!
::insert singsong voice here::
Somebody owes me a fic-let. :D

But it can wait until you're feeling better--just be warned I do intend to collect when you're all well again! ::giggles::

And now I'm off to bed before I fall asleep where I'm sitting and end up drooling all over my keyboard. Gross! ;)

Happy Saturday to one and all!!


Jan. 26th, 2007 01:19 am
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I'm waaaay overdue for a progress report, but honestly, I totally do not feel up to doing one. Let's just say, something I ate for dinner definitely did not agree with me and leave it at that.

I have been busy this week, plotting more than writing though. I do have five pages of my zine fic finished, but didn't check the exact word count. Darn thing did a major plot twist on me, so I've emailed the editor to see if it will still be acceptable for the zine. I really, really, really like the new plot, so if it doesn't go in the zine I'm sure I'll still be writing it (after coming up with and writing something else for the zine, of course)

Now I'm going to go take the dog out, find more Pepto, and crawl away somewhere to die in peace--not necessarily in that exact order, mind you.

Hope you all have a really great Friday everyone. :)
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Since there wasn't much else to do while waiting for a certain rather long download to finish, I decided to be productive and work on Mist. Managed another decent chunk, so I'm happy. (And the download? AWESOME!!!) Here are the numbers:

SGA fic: Mist of the Mourning Hills
Words Written: 1136 on 01/09 (6214 total so far)
Progress: Finished Ronon & Teyla gym scene; finished OC/mystery character scene; started Elizabeth & Ronon balcony scene ::grins @ alasse::

Am now heading to bed a very happy camper after viewing download. :D Only managed to get half the laundry done today, as errands took longer than expected, and have yet to touch the tree. Hopefully it will come down before Easter. (I'd say Valentine's Day, but that's barely a month away so odds for success by Easter are much higher...) ::smirks::

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I managed another decent bit on Mist tonight. Might just finish this thing before summer, if I'm not careful. ::snicker::

SGA fic: Mist of the Mourning Hills
Words Written: 1018 on 01/09 (5078 total so far)
Progress: Finished Rodney & Radek lab scene; finished Teyla & Heightmeyer session; finished Rodney & Carson infirmary scene; started Teyla & Ronon gym scene

Now it's off to bed. Lots to do tomorrow, as I didn't manage much beyond groceries and the trip to WallyWorld today. Headache of major proportions pretty much KO'd any ambition to do more than sit or lay around. So tomorrow it's errands, laundry, and taking down the tree. Maybe. ::grins::

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I've been writing a little off and on, here and there, since finishing the Secret Santa fic. I've just been far too lazy to actually post any word counts. Oops. I did manage a decent chunk of "Mist" this evening, so I'm making myself get back to posting my progress. I have no idea what I wrote on which days, so I'm simply posting the total since the last update. Here are the numbers:

SGA fic: Mist of the Mourning Hills
Words Written: 1388 Words since 10/25/06 (4060 total so far)
Progress: Finished Infirmary scene; Finished OC bedside scene; Finished Elizabeth office scene; finished OC treatment scene; finished Radek & Rodney lab scene; started Teyla & Heightmeyer scene

I've also toyed a little with a couple of other stories, but not enough to bother with posting numbers. I'm really excited about writing SGA now that I'm a little more confident about feeling like I have their voices down and hope to continue to make significant daily progress again. I need to do an original (short) story for my writing group before the end of the month, so I really need to get something plotted there. (More than the wisp of an idea I've got rattling around in my head at the moment, lol.)

Now off to bed! Lots to do tomorrow, including taking down the Christmas tree, laundry, grocery shopping, and a trip to WallyWorld. (Ugh--please, somebody just shoot me now! Please?!!)

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Yay: it's finished!! Not-so-yay: it's almost 900 words over the limit. Going to have to do some serious editing tomorrow...

Title: Of Madmen, Minions, and Christmas Miracles
Words Written: 1368 on 12/21 (10864 total)
Progress: Finished the sucker!! :D Now to edit-edit-edit.

I'm off to pack up some of those ten dozen cookies I baked last night for hubby to take to Ork Christmas party and get some more sleep. Then I have to hit the mall (ugh!), start wrapping stuff, bake some more cookies, and somewhere find some time for editing...:D
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Didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but it's better than nothing. :D

Title: Of Madmen, Minions, and Christmas Miracles
Words Written: 898 on 12/18 (7843 total so far)
Progress: Fixed flashback scene from yesterday after alasse found some problems; finished up breakfast scene; finished next flashback scene

Only about 2200 words to go--can she do it?

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Still have a good bit to go, but we're getting there. :D

Title: Of Madmen, Minions, and Christmas Miracles
Words Written: 1536 on 12/17 (6945 total so far)
Progress: finished one mission flashback scene (this was a biggie since it fulfilled the main requirement per submitter request), finished Rodney breakfast scene, set up to begin the next mission flashback

Wow, I've only got 3055 words left before I exceed the limit. I think it will be close, but I should be able to squeak by--I hope!

Betas: I've sent it out, so if you don't get it please let me know. My SBC mail has been very screwy this weekend. ::grrrs at SBC & Yahell::
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Managed to make a bit more progress on the secret santa fic after the kidlet went to bed:

Title: Of Madmen, Minions, and Christmas Miracles
Words Written: 1401 on 12/16 (5409 total words so far)
Progress: finished the scene where Ronon is wounded, nearly finished a scene with John, Carson, Teyla, and Rodney in the infirmary.

Hmm, have less than 4600 words left to finish the story and stay within the word limit.

This could get verrrrry interesting. LOL!

alasse, meli, you have incoming--let me know if you didn't get it.


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First, there was good news and bad news on the car front. Good news is that it only cost around $200 for the car repairs. Bad news is that the engine is pretty much shot and it needs to be replaced very, very soon. ::sigh:: And I was really loving that whole not having a car payment to shell out every month...

Second, I have been able to accomplish a little more on the secret santa fic. I really, really want to have it ready for posting by Christmas, so I've got to buckle down and stop the procrastinating! While there's not much here, it's pretty good for having my granddaughter here for the weekend. Still, I need to be doing at least twice this much each day if I want to have a prayer of finishing on schedule. Here are the numbers since the last update:

Title: Of Madmen, Minions, and Christmas Miracles
Words Written: 1371 on 12/10-15 (4008 total so far)
Progress: Tweaked a lot of the Rodney dialog after meli pointed out that he was being too nice (thanks again, meli!!) and made some other changes. Finished scene with Teyla watching over John in the infirmary, finished scene where Elizabeth comes to check on him, and started scene that reveals how Ronon was wounded. ::grins at alasse::

Now I'm off to bed. Will be a busy day with lots of birthday stuff happening, so it may get tricky trying to work in the writing time--but I have to do it. Wish me luck! :D

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I've been very, very lazy these past couple of weeks as far as updating. I haven't touched The Gates of Annwn at all lately. I think that one needs some time to allow the ideas to gel again. But the good news is that the muse has become very excited about my new SGA secret santa fic, so I have been writing.

Title: Of Madmen, Minions, and Christmas Miracles
Words Written: 2637 total so far
Progress: completed first and last chapters, in addition to part of the second chapter. I'm using an omniscient POV and present tense here, which is not something I've ever attempted before. I'm not sure it's going to work from the reader's perspective, but it's definitely fun to write. And I've never before written the end of the story first, so we'll see how that pans out as well. Now if only I could be sure I have them all in character.

I'm planning to ::crosses fingers:: get started on the Christmas decorations tomorrow, so we'll see how that pans out. Hopefully, there will still be writing/beta-ing time to be had...

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The Muse finally decided to get back to work on a certain SGA story after reading my flist this evening. I think she might be scared of [livejournal.com profile] alasse_fae's new blender. ::snickers::

It's not much, but better than nothing. Here are the ugly numbers for tonight:

SGA fic: Mist of the Mourning Hills
Words written: 439 on 10/25 (2672 total so far)
Progress: more of debriefing scene in the infirmary; it's almost finished but needs a bit more at the end.

No progress on any of the other fan fiction stories. Did some more name research for the NaNoWriMo story, but no progress on the outline since Sunday at Borders. Almost have a title now, but need to find the right name for the city.

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I'm not going to list all the stories again, but suffice it to say that not a single word was written on any of them today. And there will likely not be much, if anything, for the next few days either. I've got a whole shit-load of crap going through my head right now that is not at all conductive to writing...

I found out this morning that my aunt (dad's sister) passed away last night. In all likelihood, I won't be around much until next week sometime. I'm gonna be busy getting suits cleaned, shopping for some new shoes and appropriate funeral attire for myself. Relatives will be flying in at various times over the next couple of days, so I'll probably be helping with transport from/to St. Louis as well. Arrangements are still pending, but it's looking like the wake will be on Sunday afternoon/evening and the funeral on Monday. Any prayers/thoughts for my Aunt Janet and my dad would be most appreciated.

Thanks, and to those of you who are traveling this weekend, have a safe trip and a wonderful time.

Now I think it's time to go cry some more...

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SGA fic:
--Mist of the Mourning Hills: no progress...muse seems to have lost interest at the moment
--A Better Man: no progress...see reason above
--Chasing the Red Wind: started opening scene (174 words on 10/10) I only have a vague plot for this one, so we'll see where it goes...

SG-1 fic:
--Quiet Amid the Storms: no progress
--Butterfly Wishes: no progress
--When Heart & Soul Collide: no progress

I'm going to try to finish up the new SGA piece before November. It's for a challenge on the Sheppard H/C comm and I'd like to have it finished by the end of the month before I start on the novel.

Oh, did I mention that I signed up for NaNoWriMo??


How do always manage to get myself into these things???


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SGA fic: Mist of the Mourning Hills
Words Written (10/07): 424 words (2325 total so far)
Progress: tweaked several prior scenes, added opening quote, began infirmary scene with Elizabeth and the injured team members

I've been extremely lazy this week. I have barely had my Word program open at all. Hopefully, I'll get my act together and get back to turning out at least a thousand words per day again soon. Maybe I should do a few more Atlantis marathons to help me feel more confident of the character voices...

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Hubs took the day off from ork, so after spending most of the afternoon doing laundry and catching up on teh pesky houseork, we took off to go shopping. The desktop's mouse has been giving him fits recently, so it was time to let it give up the ghost and buy a new one. So after browsing for far too long in Office Max, we headed to Applebee's for dinner and ended the evening with a trip to the grocery store. Jeez, my heart almost couldn't take so much excitement... ::cough,cough::

Missed the first half of Prison Break, dangit! When I finally got to sit down and fired up the laptop, I found a message to upgrade my security suite. Downloaded and installed the new version, and of course, things got a little wonky and I had to spend way too much time straightening it all out again. ::sigh::

So. No writing time tonight and no progress to report. :(

Maybe tomorrow...

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SGA fic: Mist of the Mourning Hills
Words written (9/30): 424 (1886 total so far)
Progress: finished McKay-Lorne scene, which turned out to be a team scene instead; also finished OC scene
Reason: Went to granddaughter's birthday party, which ended in a visit to my parents' house so got home much, much later than planned (Dad was feeling quite chatty, lol)

No progress on any of the other SG-1 or SGA fics. ::sigh::

On a more positive note, I SO love my new iPod! Spent most of the afternoon importing CDs into iTunes and transferred them all to the iPod. Still have tons and tons of room on it...this thing is just So. Dang. Cool. :)

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SGA fic: Mist of the Mourning Hills
Words written today (9/27): 430 (1367 total so far)
Progress: Revised opening scene to set the story later in the series; finished Weir/Lorne scene; started McKay/Lorne scene...entire team has now been whumped... ::eeevaaal grin::
Reason: spent most of the afternoon and evening trying to get my stooopid java program to work right, but it's still screwed up ::grrrr::

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SGA fic: Mist of The Mourning Hills
Words Written (9/26): 536 (861 total so far)
Progress: revised and finished opening scene--whew!

No progress on any other fics since last entry. Was soooo NOT a fun weekend...details to follow tomorrow. Maybe.


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SGA fic:
--Mist of the Mourning Hills: edited/revised opening scene
--A Better Man (formerly known as 'the cancer fic for 2dozen owies'): no progress beyond giving it an official title
--Plotbunny File: five more bunnies added (each for a 2dozen owies prompt)

SG-1 fic:
--Quiet Amid the Storms: no progress
--When Heart and Soul Collide: no progress
--Butterfly Wishes: no progress

::sigh:: Sadly, the muse seems to have gone on strike as far as anything beyond plotting ever since finishing the VS9 episode. Hope she gets over her snit and gets back to work soon...

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SGA fic: Mist of The Mourning Hills
Words written (9/14): 326 (not much, but it's a start---finally)
Progress: Part of opening scene (Muse was being stubborn again today, but finally did get in gear. Whew!)

Side Note: Dee? I, um, kinda sorta whumped Rodney tonight... ::grins::

Other Projects:

SG-1: Quiet Amid the Storms (5986 total words so far)
Butterfly Wishes (907 total words so far)
2005 Jackfic-a-thon entry--When Heart & Soul Collide (370 total words so far)

SGA: Untitled Cancer story for 2dozenowies comm(plotted, nothing written yet)


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